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May 23, 2015
I am looking for closed back bass-y cans. I want circumaural/over-ear. I also only have a max of $80 to spend, but would much rather spending $50 or less so I can upgrade to 4K sooner.
I was looking at these:

Shure SRH440


V-MODA Crossfade LP


Sennheiser HD 419

Also there are a lot of really annoying people in my school who walk around with beats and think that beats are magical and there is nothing that can beat/match them. I don't want to bring in my K553's everyday as they are pretty big, lack bass for the music I listen to when I need to concentrate (Dubstep), and I don't want them to get damaged/stolen
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Hi, have owned the v-moda's they are built like a tank and should last when out and about. Great looking imo. My only problem with me was the bass. I mean they used to vibrate when listening. If you like thumping bass they may be for you. I gifted them to my son who loves them and gets great pleasure winding up his buddies since they all love their beats. Sorry i cant help you with the other cans as i have never listened to them. Best of luck!

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