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How a Custom In Ear Monitor is Made - photo Journal

  1. Wiljen
    Entirely possible as I haven't seen the most recent UE customs.
  2. MichaelDYaeger
    Thanks for the documentation! I just went into their headquarters yesterday and was fitted for my Quints. I added the natural wood faceplate option, so it would be cool to see how that part of the build process is done and differs from the acrylic faceplates. Looking forward to receiving mine either way!
  3. PeterJensen
    I believe the faceplate is done in the same way, only difference is that you won’t need to produce a small slap of faceplate material, but can simply just use the wood directly.
    In a digital domain you can lazer cut the faceplate, but afaik you would still need to hand polish and bevel it...

    Congrats on your new IEMs, I think you made a great choice to go custom and that you will soon receive an outstanding product.
  4. Wiljen
    They laser cut and then hand polish exactly as Peter mentioned. I was in last week getting a look at a couple new products too. I always enjoy my time with the guys there. Very knowlegable and just as down to earth. Can't recommend them enough.
  5. jeffhawke
    I'm seriously considering the purchase of my first CIEM, and your report has been immensely helpful in making me understand what a real CIEM is all about: thank you! I'm still debating wether to go all-BA or hybrid (Eartech does not make hybrids, I think), and it also appears from your report that the shape of the shell, when it comes to BA-only designs, has a minimal, if any, effect on SQ, as it mostly affects comfort and isolation. Even though I have a pretty standard ear shape, and most uiems fit me nicely, should I decide to go down the BA-only route I think I would have them built for me by these guys. The pleasure of owning something that is hand-made with such skill and craftsmanship is a good enough reason in itself. They should update the News&Media section of their website and put your description up, it's worth more than any advertisement.
    Slater likes this.
  6. PeterJensen
    @jeffhawke Sorry if it feels like I am butting in, but I really agree with what your saying, especially the last sentence. Personally I wouldn’t worry about an all BA design, they sound great and have plenty of bass - if the fit is good. There is where the shell matters for real, in providing a great fit. The fit greatly affects sonic performance if there are leaks. Comfort is also important ofcause, but everything else is just eye candy (which can also be important).
  7. MichaelDYaeger
    Fit is definitely the most important factor in cIEMs. If you're a bass-head, the Eartech Hex will have plenty for you. There isn't a BA driver that compares to a Dynamic driver in terms of bass response in mass usage (it does exist, though). As @PeterJensen said, I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. If you're that big of a bass-head, you'll just get some quality over-ear headphones that will outperform any IEM.
  8. jeffhawke
    Hey Pete, forums are made for this, so thanks for "butting in" :relaxed:. So, if I read you between the lines, fit and comfort go hand in hand, and that affects the sound quality as well.

    Actually, I'm not a bass head, transparency and soundstage are more important to me, so the Quint might be more indicated. That is, if I will decide to go with Eartech. Custom Art and Kumitate are also on my shortlist.
  9. Deezel177
    Kumitate Lab is the way to go as far as soundstage is concerned. Their 4-driver, sub-$1000 IEMs still perform better than most flagships I've tried in stage structuring and expansion. It truly is outstanding.
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  10. jeffhawke
    So, based on your overview of the "Next 5", which of the three would you suggest? My music preferences are very simple: I don't like EDM, Techno and the like, and I don't like heavy metal. Anything else, from progressive rock to cool jazz to baroque music to Gregorian chants goes. Thanks Daniel! (If you have anything else in mind that is substantially below 1 grand, please share...)
  11. Slater
    What about this?

  12. jeffhawke
    Not bad, perhaps a bit monotonous...
  13. MichaelDYaeger
    Well, since you suggested going with a hybrid, bass was the only thing that came to mind as a reason why you would consider it. Sorry for the incorrect deduction. However, if bass isn't a priority, there isn't really a reason to consider a hybrid IMO. And, if you're wanting transparency, I would go with the Eartech Triple (if sticking to that brand). After listening to all their offerings, the Triple definitely had the smoothest and most neutral sound signature. I went with the Quint as I wanted a little more bass and vocal presence, but the Triple would have been my next choice (and it's $200 USD cheaper)!
    jeffhawke likes this.
  14. Deezel177
    Well, it's easier for me to recommend IEMs if you provided your preferences for signatures rather than genres. Of the NEXT 5, the Meteo is the most accessible. It has a unique bass response that scoops the mid-bass, so it has incredible impact without much warmth intruding on the midrange - imagine all the punch without all the noise. With that said, the punch is on the high side, but I've yet to encounter someone who's said it's too much (and I've asked a lot of people :D). The Sirius I think is too bass-light to be enjoyed without some serious caveats. The Corona is excellent, but doesn't display nearly as much stage expansion or detail-led transparency as its bigger brothers. So, my recommendation would be the Meteo.
  15. jeffhawke
    Thanks pal. My preferred signature would be flat, or "reference" (as defined by this guy here :wink:):
    This preference is perhaps influenced by the fact that my middle son is a recording engineer/music producer and he's been "training" my listening somehow...

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