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Houston meets?

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  1. Presto
    I live in the Cypress area and I never see anybody from Houston setting up meets. It's sad and lonely over here :frowning2:
  2. pbui44
    Well, we just had a meet last month, but we will have one next year. We are trying to look at different venues, as HPL limits attendance by their policies. In the meantime, I will send you a PM.
  3. dantesan
    Please send me a PM for next year's meet too.
  4. hf6576
    And me. THX.
  5. Rhenoware
    Another one!
  6. NBigbee
    And another, in San Antonio but I can drive!
  7. Presto
    Still would like to have something happen in Houston.
  8. Ultramus
    Hey! I'm in Cypress area as well. I recall we had a meet maybe 2 years ago at this point where there was a ton of gear, so definitely people are here, seems to be issues with venue I suppose. It may make sense to try and get some other method to notify and keep tabs on people for meeting up, seems like I missed the last get together because I haven't been active on Head-fi for a bit :triportsad:
  9. Apd
    One more for Houston or driving distances.
  10. rayliam80
    I'm down for a meet up in Houston. I don't have a lot of stuff, mostly Chi-FI stuff but nonetheless, might be interesting to some.
  11. Presto
    aaf evo and dantesan like this.
  12. aaf evo
    Also would love a Houston or even central Texas based meet.
  13. pbui44
    There will be something coming up...and we won't need the ATF, either. :wink:
    Phantaminum likes this.
  14. pbui44
    In regards to the next Houston meet, I was planning to have someone set it up at a nice venue...but with Hurricane Harvey still leaving a problematic wake in the area and many businesses closing/opening in various places, I think it will be at an HPL location again, but with someone else managing it, so we can get more people inside. However, we will take in vendors at a slower pace.

    Why? One of the vendors that I was interested in bringing in, Austin-based Cavalli Audio, abruptly closed their doors last fall and left many customers out in the cold with many defective or dead units. This has made me more hesitant in allowing or recommending vendors. So those who want to help out in finding vendors or organizing different venues, just PM me about it. Of course, the words “spectator” and “volunteer” do not mean the same thing in any peer-reviewed dictionary, so that will remain the same for our meets.
  15. chefhere
    what date do you think it would happen?
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