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Houston Meet

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  1. Thaddy Contributor
    So far we've got three interested parties (including myself), so any other Houston Head-Fi'ers that want to have a meet...post here[​IMG] I guess we can discuss time and location once we get an idea of how many people wish to attend.

    I'll definitely plan on being there, and my gear is listed below in my signature[​IMG]
  2. swt61
    My gear is in my profile, and I'll bring all of it.
  3. CMacDaddy
    atm, I've got Sony V6 and Headfive, but if this meet doesnt happen soon, I'll likely buy some DT770-80 or DT880's or DT990's
  4. mariowar
    Just let me know, when and where.
  5. Thaddy Contributor
    Well I'm free just about any night after 5 and on the weekends. If there's more interest then let's try and plan for the weekend, so we can have more time.
  6. CMacDaddy
    I'd prefer a Sunday afternoon or weekday evening. Lets pick a date pretty soon here so I can decide whether to buy already or not [​IMG] .

    If its just the 4 of us, finding a room shouldnt be too hard. Does anyone live in an apartment complex with a meeting room or have access to one at work (accessible on weekends)? Maybe someone has a living room they wouldn't mind sharing ? Is there a local college we could hijack a room from? I'm in a online class at HCC, so I'll ask around to see if its possible.
  7. Thaddy Contributor
    How about Sunday the 23rd, that should give you enough time to make any purchases[​IMG]

    As for location, I live in an apartment and have plenty of room in my living room and dining room, but only if there's 4 or 5 of us. Otherwise we have to find somewhere else to meet.
  8. CMacDaddy
    The 23rd works for me.

    I will have another set up of headphones by then (assuming I can find what I'm looking for)
  9. Trea
    I can be there for sure.
  10. Thaddy Contributor
    Anyone have some ideas where we can hold it? Like I said, ya'll are happy to come to my place, but it'll get crowded if we have more than 5 people. Looks like we've got 5 interested right now, so I guess for now it's my place[​IMG]

    Ya'll notice I'm getting this Texas accent down?
  11. mariowar
    Well, I will be hosting this meeting. What about saturday July 29 at 2pm, so we can spend the WHOLE afternoon together?[​IMG]
    Bring your stuff, amps, sources, headphones, cables and audiophile recordings!!!...... and don't forget to starve for 5 hours prior the meeting so you'll be able to enjoy homemade capuccinos, lattes, espressos, mokas, croissants, and maybe a wonderful cheese fondue [​IMG]
    My address is 9200 Westheimer rd. Houston (Piney Point Place), Texas, 77063 unit 1914.
    713-7830776. Feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions.
    I could host up to 8 comfty headfiers . I understand that 6 are already confirmed to assist.
    Let's do in the first come first serve basis.
    Special thanks to Thaddy who started the thread.
  12. Thaddy Contributor
    Just to let everyone know, I'll bring my power conditioner so there shouldn't be a lack of outlets.
  13. Asr
    If there's room for one more I'll come too with most of my gear! I love roadtrips.
  14. Thaddy Contributor

    Originally Posted by Asr
    If there's room for one more I'll come too with most of my gear! I love roadtrips.

    Wow that's quite the roadtrip! If you really do make it then I've gotta listen to your K701's and CD3000's[​IMG]
  15. mariowar
    ASR, you are more than welcome [​IMG]
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