Hooking up surround sound? (confused)
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Nov 6, 2005
I have a noobish question -- so these 5.1 systems that are for sale include the speakers and a receiver, and the receiver is what you would actually hook up to the DVD/HD source? (for HT purpose) Is it difficult to hook them up?
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If I understand the question properly, the connection from your DVD player goes to the surround sound receiver via a single coax or optical cable. The receiver decodes the multi-channel signal sent from the DVD player, amplifies it and sends it to the 5 or so speakers.

check this link
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Thanks for the help --- I am just wondering what to do because I have a PS3 which I will be using for 1080p gaming and blu-ray... At first glance it seems it doesn't have an audio output, and the projector I ordered also doesn't have an audio output (says the specs), so I'm a bit lost as to how it will work. Thanks for the link!
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One thing to remember is to keep all speaker leads the same length. If you don't, then there will be slight time delay errors in your system which will keep the surround sound from having maximum focus and impact. Just coil up and zip tie the excess speaker cable on the short runs into loose loops for neatness.

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