Hooking up a 1.8 drive via IDE
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Aug 5, 2006
I purchased a 1.8 to IDE adapter off of ebay in hopes of salvaging a Toshiba HD out of my Zen Vision M. It's been awhile since I had dual HD in my computer and am wondering if I need the IDE cable with the twist in it? In addition since there are no jumpers on the Toshiba drive will it be recognized as a slave or will it just confuse the BIOS? I see that a 1.8 to usb adapter is made and am wondering if this is the way to go.
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I've never done it, but a quick Google search reveals that you should use the standard IDE cable (no twists).

I would plug it into the secondary IDE controller by itself to avoid possible device contention.

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I would buy a cheap external ide 1.8 enclosure off of Ebay so you don't have to open up your system if you don't have to. Would solve a few potential unknowns.
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I've never seen an IDE cable with a twist in it. You definitely shouldn't use it. Floppy drive cables have twists in them.

A quick google also shows that Toshiba 1.8" drive's ZIF connectors are wired differently than other 1.8" drives, make sure you get the correct adapter.

The USB adapter will likely give you the least possible grief if it is indeed compatible with the Toshiba drive.


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Newegg.com - BYTECC BT-300

^Won't work, it's not for 1.8" drives.

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