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Hooke: Wireless 3D Audio Headphones

  1. adrift
    Not sure on the rules about products that haven't been released yet (its been awhile since I've posted here), and I'm in no way directly affiliated with this, but I thought you guys might be interested.
    Basically its a Bluetooth headset that doubles as a binaural audio recorder. Here's a video on it: https://vimeo.com/107533802
    I heard about these on Reddit (on the Headphone, ASMR, and Binaural subreddits), and the creator said that they'll be comparable to the Shure SE215 playback-wise. They're also, by happen-stance, noise cancelling.
    But really, the coolest part about them (in my opinion) is that they can do 3D/binaural recording, and they're going to be able to do so relatively affordably. Right now, to do binaural recording on the cheap, I'm using a pair of SP-TFB-2 Sound Professionals in-ear binaural mics paired with a lunky Fostcam AR-4i iPhone 4 interface, which isn't working out very well. I really just need to spring for a Zoom H4N, but I haven't because I liked the idea of recording video and audio simultaneously with my phone. The Hooke gets around having something like the AR-4i or a digital recorder like the H4N (to some degree) with their Bluetooth interface. They have an app that will interface with the headphones, and allow you to record to the phone, to back up your recordings on their servers (if you want), to do quick editing, and to stream binaural audio/video live.
    Anyways, I think the concept sounds pretty awesome, and wanted to share with you all since this is where I first learned about binaural audio (many years ago), and have really been into it since.
    Not sure if this is the sub-forum to discuss this, but wasn't sure where else to post about it.
  2. adrift
    Again, not sure if anyone is interested in this, but these guys have met their kickstarter goal, so looks like its officially coming out some time around spring. Kinda surprised that this didn't get any attention on this forum, but I guess it is pretty niche.
  3. saltp8
    any news about? i'm really interested, but, from what i understand, it's a lot of time that they're talking about "pre-order". they're reliable? they will ship at some point?
  4. saltp8
    anyone? they don't answer on instagram, and on their site there isn't any contact. But they're continuing to post things about this product on instagram, facebook and souncloud :/

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