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Hong Kong High-end Audio Visual Show 2018 (10-12 August 2018)

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  1. Cheaplad
    I was super excited (and still am) about attending the Hong Kong High-end Audio Visual Show this year. After picking up the Head-fi hobby, this is the first show I have attended.


    Hong Kong is a small place, but there were so many music loving folks, waiting to get in.

    It took my wife and me 40 minutes to buy tickets (HKD$80 ~USD@10) and get in. Each ticket was accompanied by one CD (with some sample music) and some more stuff. If you buy two tickets, you would get the same CD in SACD format, too.

    The brands / companies joining this show:

    I was able to try so many new stuff in this show, such as:

    The new Campfire Andromeda S. It is made of stainless steel and some local source said the BA driver for the mid has been upgraded. Andromeda is my everyday IEM so the facelift version was the one I had to test. The three nostrils are slightly different. However, in my very short testing in a rather noisy atmosphere, I could not able to tell the difference in the mid (thru the upgraded BA) and sound signature. But it was gorgeous though.

    The new FiiO M3K. It was compact and it reminded me of my good old X1 (my first DAP).

    ....and the new FiiO M9. It supports AptX-HD and LDAC. I think it was rather sexy.

    Sony offered a discount on many of their lineup, including their new XJE-MH2 CIEM. I wanted to test this new CIEM but there were just so many people waiting, and I had to test a more interesting one..... which was


    I did not expect that I could find two sets of Sennheiser HE-1 there, and that I could reserve a 20-minute session. It was a kind of accidental pilgrimage to me, and I did not have a CD or something to test. The stock CD I tested was the Les Miserables OST and Anne Hathaway's I Dreamed a Dream just blowed me away. It was like she was singing next to me! My wife was not very into this kind of head-fi thing but she also said the song she listened to had an extremely good clarity. I was starstuck. I only hope I could stay with HE-1 longer, in a much quieter room.

    I also tested the HD800S and HD820

    And there was Meze Empyrean

    When asked why the grill colour is black rather than than bronze, the staffer said black is the production colour.

    Audeze LCD-4z

    Noble Kaiser Encore Brass

    Some more random photos here:
    DSC00491.JPG DSC00494.JPG
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  2. Cheaplad
    Still some more random pics...

    DSC00496.JPG DSC00509.JPG DSC00510.JPG DSC00512.JPG DSC00520.JPG DSC00523.JPG DSC00527.JPG DSC00529.JPG DSC00530.JPG DSC00533.JPG

    Look at all these bricks of this young fellow!

    Thank you for reading!
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  3. fenom60
    wow thanks for the pictures! 2 HE-1 OMG I think i gotta go tomorrow! Damn the rainnnnn. Noble Kaiser Encore Brass WOWW soo sexyy.
  4. vikibeats
    Thanks for the info!

    Tell me please, how much Fiio M9 DAP is worth ?
  5. Hifiearspeakers
    Any impressions on the Empyrean? LCD 4Z? Sennheiser hd820?
  6. Cheaplad
    As I said it was quite noisy there, which affected my audition, especially the LCD one. The audition of HD820 was held in a small room and I was impressed by its wide sound stage and micro details of the vocal.

    I like the female vocal in Empyrean, but was slightly disappointed by the colour of the grill. The bronze colour is much sexier.

    M9 costs around HKD$2,200 (around $280), that means it lies in a tier between X3III and X5III; and M3K costs HKD$598 ($77).
    Hifiearspeakers and vikibeats like this.
  7. vikibeats
    thanks! around 300$, sounds great!
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