Home Theater Speakers recommendation?
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Jan 4, 2005
I was thinking of going Quad for HT:

Quad 21L2/22L2 Front
Quad L2 Center
Quad 12L2 Surround

(ignore the sub for now)

But I was wondering what other options do I have? The Quads are surprisingly good compared to many speakers I've heard. Paradigm and PSBs don't even come close. Granted, I have not heard Dali Ikon, QEF, and etc from around the same price range.

I've also not heard the Klipsch Reference or JBL Studio line for HT.

Please recommend something around this price range that I should consider.
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I'd recommend checking out the B&W 6 series, the Dali Ikon's and the Monitor Audio Silver series as well. I've listened to the Quad's, B&W's and Dali's and none of them were bad but I liked the Dali's the best.
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Magnepan is another nod. They make HT setups which really smoke for the $$.

Quads are great though. Just need to set them up properly. Same as any speaker but more so with Quads and other ribbon speakers.

X-Omni from AV123 are supposed to be a treat for HT. I love my Rocket 550 MKIIs. Excellent sound for HT.

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