Home-Made IEMs

  1. Einencool
    Yes, thats exactly what I want to do :)

    And Respect for your Work, it seems very pretty.

    I really like the plugs for your LG Earbuds. I‘ve done it with acrylic, but it‘s hard to make the Soundport from the Eartip to the speaker. How do you do this? Can you take the LG Headphones off and make the hole for the Sound?

    Greets Chris
  2. buffect
    Thank you for the compliment.

    NO, the tip on the LG earphone is also silicone.
    If you made it of acrylic, earphones would not be attached.

    As for the replacement of the Bluetooth jack,
    1. Find the resistor value you want. (you can use resistor of normal size.)
    2. Purchase a chip size resistor.
    3. Solder the resistor as shown in the picture and fill the UV liquid resin.
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  3. buffect
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  4. MuZo2
    I think we can start a new thread with that great post. This thread has become too long and for new people joining the hobby will be hard to track the information.
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  5. cyph3r
    Fully agreed
  6. BigBublik
    Made shell of UV Resin.
    After finishing they become matter.
    How to restore the gloss?
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  7. Bassiklee
    Either Fotoplast Lak3, or the Egger equivalent. I find that the Egger stays pretty clear, while the Fotoplast version yellows quite a bit.
  8. BigBublik
    No, no.
    I polished the shells and they became muddy.
    Want to make back glossy.
  9. Bassiklee
    See above. Those two are the answer.
  10. Dulalala
    Sorry if it's been mentioned, but has anyone tried custom 3D printing a housing for a dynamic driver so it can connect to an acoustic tubing?
  11. Im1fan2nv
    There is plenty to read. Search “3D Print” Then do a browser find or find on page “shell” or similar
    I don’t have input because I don’t have a 3D printer so I skipped those.
  12. Dulalala
    Thanks for the response but I think you're misunderstood what I meant. I'm not talking about 3D printing the shell of the IEM, I meant something like this...

    I did try searching, but I'm not sure if I used the wrong keywords or of it hasn't been talked about much as I couldn't really find much about it.
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  13. Im1fan2nv
    I understood, but wasn’t sure if you had used the search or not. Some people may not be aware of the search and I was just trying to point out it’s possibility and give a couple key words. On the other hand, some are in a hurry and don’t have time to search too that’s why I mentioned that I just skipped those post because I don’t have a 3D printer. ☹️ I also know that it’s seemed to slow down around here lately and was just trying to give my $.02. I really like the idea of printing something like this though. I’ve attempted to make a few molds to use fotoplast for this same thing but wasn’t successful yet. I hope someone else has your same interest and discussion starts. Good luck : cheers:
  14. Dulalala
    Ah alright. I might try to print some anyways to see how well they would work.
  15. Firedrops
    Yes, this is actually trivial from a CAD perspective. There are taobao sellers selling these in either plastic or metal (can't find links on whim, but you can probably find them in related products). I could re-create the CAD models for you if you want, it'll only take a minute or 2, I'll need your specific driver's dimensions and printer's precision. I personally don't like using them because they add quite a bit of bulk, and can make 9.2mm/10mm drivers impossible to fit into shells. Consider using wider heatshrinks to adapt them down, instead.

    + a shameless plug for my SE846 structure, since it's my go-to DIY shell for comfort and internal space. Shoot me a PM if you want the stl/sldprt files to modify/print them yourself.
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