Home-Made IEMs

  1. Squirg
    Okay...what the hell am I doing wrong? I upload multiple pics and hit post and they don't attach!
  2. Squirg
  3. Squirg
  4. Fox2twenty
    That's beautiful man
  5. Fox2twenty
    How did you learn to do this? Just practice?
  6. Shilohsjustice
    I finished up a second set of purple body clear tip customs last night. They are dual driver IEM’s.


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  7. aussietanker
    Beautiful work. I absolutely love the clear tips. Simply stunning :)
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  8. ForceMajeure
    Fun fact. I have left mixed resin with dyes in those exact cups for 4 days and it started to dissolved the bottom of the cups. so if you guy plan to mix resins in those make sure it doesn't stay in there for too long
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  9. ForceMajeure
    how long does it take you to cure the black?
    what curing system are you using?
    Have you attached the wood plates with glue or the regular resin methods?
    Do you lacquer directly on the wood?
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  10. Shilohsjustice

    What resin are you using, I have colors that have been mixed for weeks without anything dissolving. You must be using a heavy solvent based resin. I haven’t ever had an issue and I’ve been using those size cups for years now.
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  11. ForceMajeure
    egger and dreve. might have been one of the dyes.
    have you left the colored resin sit in the cup for more than 4 day?
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  12. Shilohsjustice
    Yes, I have a couple colors that have been mixed for a couple weeks. That is weird that yours was effected like that, I have had glue burn holes in cups. Sometimes I’ll flip the cup over and use the bottom for glue and I’ll use a toothpick to apply when attaching tubing.
  13. Shilohsjustice
    @ForceMajeure I have not had just the colorant in the cups, I usually add my Fotoplast and then add the resin to color as needed. Maybe that’s why mine hasn’t gone through, are you saying that the resin colorant by itself has burned through or is it mixed colors that are in your UV material?
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  14. ForceMajeure
    The mixed fotoplast with colors did it. I also fill the cup first with fotoplast and add the dye with a toothpick as needed.
    Maybe the type of cups I used might be "environmental friendly" kind or something similar, so it started to dissolve. My guess is that it might be one of the dyes that didn't mix completely and started to sink to the bottom.
  15. Squirg
    So, I have a dental curing unit that I swapped out the lights with these... http://www.ebay.com/itm/4W-5W-E27-G...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

    With black resin, it takes about 4 minutes.

    I attached the wood faceplates with Bondic. This stuff is awesome. FYI, I have a small hardware store down the street (True Value/ACE) that special orders it for me for $5 a tube.

    These are not laquered. I spent a lot of time on the bench lathe with these. But, I ordered these...https://www.oaktreeproducts.com/buffing/muslin-buff-1-25-diameter-x-16-ply-3-pk-42181 which allow me to use the dremel to get into those hard to reach areas. And this stuff...https://www.oaktreeproducts.com/buffing/cres-shine-earmold-polish-1-3-lb-bar-127a is the best polish I have found for bringing out the shine. Follow it up with this...https://www.oaktreeproducts.com/buffing/muslin-buff-6-x30ply-cmb6 and you will get that glossy look.

    Hope that helps!
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