Home-Made IEMs

  1. Im1fan2nv
    I have a question, I dropped my completed unit minus the faceplate in glycerin. Since it's oil base, I figured I'd wash it in alcohol. I figured I didn't really have a choice. So, the question is do you think the dampers and everything will dry out and still work?
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  2. ForceMajeure
    haha, I guess it probably will work. but only time will tell us.

    The way you say that the unit was done but with no plate makes me think...
    The viscosity of the glycerin probably wasn't able to penetrate the damped tubing completely so it didn't got into the drivers hopefully .
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  3. Im1fan2nv
    Very good point. Only 1 of 3 was without a damper. And, if it's a good seal, it would be difficult for it to get that far in. Still a little concerned about the vent holes but they are so small, with the viscosity, those too would be hard to penetrate. Thanks for the confidence booster. I'll let you know. It is kinda funny, well at least it made my wife laughed. Hundred bucks there so I didn't laugh too much.
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  4. tranhieu
    Not exactly DIY but here's what I've made recently
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  5. Xymordos
    Wow is that chrome or steel?
  6. tranhieu
    925 Silver to be exact.

  7. Xymordos
    Holy... how did you make that? That's gorgeous. Wouldn't silver will scratch easily?
  8. ForceMajeure

    hello ear?
  9. tranhieu
    Traditional crafting technique, nothing special though, the hard part was to tweak the impression so that the final earpieces fit well enough.

    They're very prone to scratching, but a layer of coating would prevent that... to some extent.

    Nope, looking forward to those guys' product also.
  10. MuZo2
    I think Fitear and Kumitatek lab also had similar CIEMS.
  11. tranhieu
    Not sure about Kumitate but Fitear's are Titanium shells. A true pain when it comes to polishing LOL.
  12. Bribo
    Tranhieu, I was thinking about doing the same thing for my next pair, did you do a wax impression and then cast the silver ? I tried to do a sand casting but could not part halves without damaging the mold.
  13. Bribo
    Just finished these up last night for my brother, they have GK's for guts.


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  14. alvon19
    Hi Everyone,

    I want to express my deepest gratitude for this wonderful thread....So much to learn here, and I wish to encourage everyone to keep on trying and practicing.....more trials will be equal to better end results...:D

    Here to share some of our work (thanks so much for this thread) :
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  15. Im1fan2nv
    Update. Unit dryed out and worked like a champ. Not sure of any long term issues if indeed the glycerin got inside. I suppose one day it could get old and thicken up.

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