Home-Made IEMs

  1. J-breezy
    Awesome! Thanks for the info. I haven't told him whether or not I would even work on them. I wasn't sure if I would even want to. Alclair was just gonna charge him a little bit since he waited past the time limit so he was just looking at options.
    Thanks again for the input!
  2. Shilohsjustice
    Ok so the below was 100% test build, nothing has been finished or buffed. I was inspired by canal works idea of having an external tuning capability with resistors. I wanted to create a base I could try tuning different caps and resistor values with full performance. Below is what came out, ability to switch caps on the TWFK to try different values as well as ability to change resistor values on the HODVTEC.


    It's pretty cool and I was able to try a couple configs. Promises to be a cool easy way to switch out configs for different listening applications. I want to hone it to like 3 different plug and play situations. My idea would be to create 3 finished look faceplates that plug into the IEM in which it still looks like a faceplate with the same dimensions as the IEM itself.
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  3. slaterlovesspam
    Wow, looks great!

    How did you determine which value of resistors & caps to try? Is there a calculator table somewhere? That's a carbon resistor, right? Are metal film resistors better for audio, or does it not matter?

  4. ForceMajeure
    Awesome work as usual Shilo.
    Also I would like to congratulate everyone in this thread, you guys are doing great work.

    Regarding buffing, I thought this was a very informative piece regarding different buffing wheel and what they are good for.
    f.e treated mousline (the yellow wheel) vs regular.
    stitched vs non stitched and so on.
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  5. Shilohsjustice
    So............ Been playing around again today with these external resistors. It's a lot of fun, I still am sold on the 68ohm resistor on the HODVTEC!!

    I put together a 6 driver setup using a TWFK, SWFK, HODVTEC.


  6. J-breezy
    Jeez, I swear every time you make a new pair it just makes me so jealous of your skill. I'm still just messing around with GK's and GV's. Haven't worked up the courage to try wiring my own design.

    Question off topic (and I apologize if you've cover this in a previous post), how do you make your faceplates? I know there are many different ways to go about making them. Just wondering which technique you prefer to use.
  7. Shilohsjustice
    I usually use a square of glass from a small picture frame, 3x5. I pour a small amount of Fotoplast onto it and cure. I use a sharp blade to remove it from the glass and attach to the shell using Fotoplast. Wood I use super glue, loctite 495.

    I posted a tutorial awhile back, I just don't remember how far back.
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  8. hchanrn
    knowles gv-32830 quad driver with shure se 535 diy shell, knowles green filter

    HJC_2308.JPG HJC_2311.JPG HJC_2312.JPG

    Wasn't sure if I could trust the quality of drivers used with the iems from China on eBay so I decided to see if I could put together my own build with drivers sourced from Mouser.com. With the Westone star silicone tips they sound pretty good. Still burning in. So far sounding brighter and opening up. The highs sounded really muffled on initial listening session. I also removed the tape that covers the two vent holes on the drivers. Low end seems to have good extension but still doesn't have the impact/pressure that dynamic drivers have. Overall very simple build. Just wire up everything. Epoxy driver to the opening inside shell. Careful not to use too much epoxy. Excess can get into the driver opening. Making sure also to get good seal around edges where driver meets with opening to exit nozzle. Not bad for approx $150 in parts.
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  9. Mogol
    Guys, I need advice.
    I would like to build two two-way systems. Earlier in this thread, I was advised to combine CI22955 + Sonion 2389. Or CI22955 + ED29689 (a very common setup). I have the opportunity to acquire Sonion drivers, and i want to mix Knowles and Sonion. Which Sonion driver for low frequencies can you recommend in combination with ED? 2015, or 3300, 3800 families, or something else?
    Or is it not the best idea to mix Knowles & Sonion? If so, then which combination of S + S do you think sounds good?
    As for the sound, I would like to get a balanced sound, without the predominance of low or hi frequencies.
  10. Shilohsjustice
    Sorry Mogol, I do not currently have access to Sonion drivers so I can't suggest.

    So all those who are intrigued by the ADEL technology that was used by 64 audio and now exclusive to Empire Ears. They are made by a company called Asius Technologies and can be purchased directly from them. I just ordered a pair for $40 to see what the hype is. I plan on installing them in a pair of custom quad IEM's to see if there is any noticeable difference. I will post pics and give my thoughts once I get and install them. Just thought this would be perfect for us DIY'ers as it is only available to a select small number of IEM's.
  11. MuZo2
    But you will need additional sound tube to ADEL? Also bass quantity might be reduced right?
    Is there a link where you can buy directly?
  12. Shilohsjustice
    Yes you would need additional sound tube ran to the module. According to the site and research I have done it should actually enhance bass response. I'll link to the modules I bought, price includes both sides. Shipping was only 2.99!!

  13. Xymordos
    I have a feeling what it does is boost the mid bass and the sub-bass drops off earlier. I've actually never played around with an ADEL module though. Let's see what your tests reveal :p
  14. MuZo2
    O1 seems to be fully closed unlike B1, S1 or G1
  15. Shilohsjustice
    I thought the same thing, so wouldn't that represent the most realistic reproduction of the ear drum? Nothing a pin hole couldn't fix, ! I'm excited to play around with them to see if it's something viable for us DIY'ers. I wasn't willing to spend more than that just to try them out, I was apprehensive about spend 40bucks lol.

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