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  1. kristeva01
    Hi all
    I'm looking to get a decent headphone set up and I must confess I have zilch experience of headphones so here I am asking you good people for some initial advice.
    This is what I'm currently using:
    Apple G5 Tower with Audirvana Plus 2.6.6, (running lossless AIFF files)
    Twisted Pear Buffalo Dac  II
    Alesis M1 Active 320USB speakers
    Senn PX200 II
    Forget the Alesis speakers and the PX 200's, I'm looking for a pair of headphones and head amp for home listening, open back acceptable. My tastes are varied but as an indie kid of the 80's I would say I'm looking for something that leans toward rock. Soundstage and imaging is important to me though, something that sounds real and natural. I'm not a bass head but I equally don't want something cold, thin and analytical - the Audirvana/Buffalo Dac is quite a strident and resolving combo. My budget for the headphones is flexible, but somewhere between £600 - £1200 (new or used). I'm thinking of going DIY for the head amp. So far I've been reading up on the Senn HD800 (great value but concerned about reported lack of body / decent head amp required?) and the Audeze LCD models, and I'm also open to idea of getting a Stax set up.
    I’m planning to go to the next Head-fi UK meet up, but any advice welcome.

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