Home 5.1 reciever for Computer audio?
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Aug 3, 2008
I use my PC mainly for gaming. I've been using a Logitech Z 5300 5.1 speaker system with a Philips Aurilium USB sound card. I also have a Medusa 5.1 headset coming off the same soundcard. I was looking to upgrade the 5.1 speakers. Poised to upgrade to a Logi Z 5500, I was persuaded to try out a Pioneer HTP-2920 5.1 reciever and speaker system. I'm glad I did. Half the price and much better SQ.

Question though. The reciever has a 192kHz 24 bit D/A converter and my present card puts out at 48kHz. At what freq will i notice a difference? Do I need to upgrade audio? High quality 5.1 surround sound is of primary cocern, music a distant 2nd. Is there anything else i might encounter in using a home audio unit with a computer?

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