Holophonics Horror CD/Music file, anyone?
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Dec 19, 2008
Hello hello,

Here's the story, I went to a amusement park called Fujikyu Highland while visiting my relatives in Japan back in 97.
Now there was a...ride? well it wasn't really a ride , what it was was you go into a dark room that looked like a dining room of a old mansion with a long table in the middle, there were 8 seats with 8 headphones, you sit down put it on and get your hands and feet strapped down to the seat, and listen to an Amazingly realistic horror holophonic event unfold in pitch dark.

It was about some psycho talking to you, around you, at you, whispering, dragging tools, bursts of loud anger after being silent etc etc. It REALLY got you, it felt like I was going to get tortured with those tools and the other people in the room were sweating, screaming, some girls crying, the whole 9 yards.

So here's the question, does any of you know of any holophonic horror CD's or audio files? I already know about the virtual barbershop, the matchbox and the womans voice one, all short clips without the explained impact like what I experienced, any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

oh by the way, the cd can be in english or japanese whichever is fine.

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