Holophonic Sound
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Mar 22, 2011
I urge anyone with a good set of headphones (so i guess most people on this forum..) to listen to this example of Holophonic sound production:
Holophonics Tm is a trademark by Hugo Zuccarelli for a specific form of sound recording that is based on the claim that the auditory system acts as an interferometer. The sound characteristics of Holophonics are most clearly heard through headphones, though can be demonstrated to be effective with 2 channel stereo speakers, as long as they are phase coherent. To optimize this effect, loudspeakers have specifically been designed for reproducing Holophonic recordings.(Holophonics Tm speakers; see: Hugo Zuccarelli, and HZuccarelli1, for videos of speaker performances.

Currently listening to this on LCD-2s using a Burson HA-160D.
Hope you enjoy
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 Hell, I think this is the first time I really heard height in sound trough headphones, and I do have made some binaural recordings.
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Indeed. Reminds me of the barbershop. 
It's... creepy and awesome! Thanks for showing us this!
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!!!! You'd think it was a ghost behind you... Up above my head then down to my lap!!!! And the door at the end. WOW. Thanks for the link.
Check out that site intro clip :  http://www.holophonic.ch/newsite/index.php  pretty cool
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I bought a "Hippo" brand mp3 player and it came with a "3D sound demonstration" MP3 and it was really great!, and then I found the same recording on youtube and it sounded less great.
At that time, my best earphone/headphone for holophonic recordings was the Sony E888 (it sounds very natural and has no veil), I'm really looking forward to testing some of my new stuff with holophonics though, I heard the Etymotic ER-4P is good, I hope it's better than the E888 haha.
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Every1 has probably heard virtual barbershop but I also like this one on youtube:

I also like this one cuz the background sounds sounds so realistic, last time I listened to it I thought I was hearing churchbells ringing in the background when it was in fact from the church here nearby our place (couldn't tell if it was from video or not cuz the other sounds sounded so similar anyway)

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These are old recordings released on a demo disc by Zuccarelli to promote his "unique" holophonic system.
In reality, his "unique" system is nothing more than a dummy head. The vast majority of his demo recordings, like the hair cut or matches clip, were done in carefully controlled studio conditions.
The virtual barbershop also uses a dummy head.
If you guys are interested in binaural audio, please read through my blog as I have written various things on the subject and even have some great recording recommendations and some binaural clips I recorded myself.
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Yea well all links I find in your threads says the file has experienced and isn't available anymore. :frowning2:
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Yea well all links I find in your threads says the file has experienced and isn't available anymore. :frowning2:

Let me know which show you want to hear and I'll re-upload it. 

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Here is a full show I recorded.
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It sounds lovely, although unfortunately I'm not a big fan of jazz. :s

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