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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. alphanumerix1
    eagerly await impressions on spring 2
  2. BlueDL
    Thanks for taking the plunge first.......I’ll look forward to your review / opinion of the new breed of Spring DAC.

    Looks like it was a good weekend for the reds too!
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  3. aisnikkor
    Having my team do well helps to pass the time :)

    Doing some major changes in my system at the moment, but kind of bummed as I will not be able to do any direct side by side comparisons of the major components at the same time, for budget reasons. Best I can do is listen to recordings which I am very familiar with. My most recent system chain was Oppo Sonica DAC >> Darkvoice 336SE (mods) >> Focal Elex & Senn HD-700. In order to do the ugrades, the Senns are sold, as is the Oppo DAC. Going to miss the Oppo's versatility, and it sounded pretty good too.

    On the amp side, Schiit Ragnarok is now in the house, but I've only been able to listen so far through my AQ Dragonfly Red, as the Oppo was gone before the Rag arrived. Listening to the Elex on the balanced out of the Ragnarok. Excited as I am finding differences brought by just the amp, that are evident even on the little DFR dac. Bass slam, definition, imaging and instrument textures are noticeable improvements on the Ragnarok that I definitely have not heard before, even with the better Sonica DAC on the DV amp. This only heightens my anticpation of getting the Holo Spring 2 into the system.

    Two of my favorite types of music to listen to are solo piano, and choral music. Both present difficulties for reproduction, and are what drives me in my component selections. The last part of my current desired system upgrade are Senn HD-800's, which I have been wanting for some time now. Hoping after these upgrades I will be at a point to just sit back and enjoy the music for a long while.
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  4. BlueDL
    Provided you like forensic detail more than a warm, rich sound, you’ll love the HD800. I have a pair and they are amazing. I tried the resonator (SDR) mod to try to curb the treble glare and actually preferred the stock HD800 sound signature. I’m awaiting the arrival of a used HDVA600 amplifier to use them with, as my Naim Supernait 2’s headphone amp doesn’t have the necessary power to drive high impedance headphones properly. Also, the HDVA600 will permit me to try a balanced cable.
  5. aleksander85
    I,m impatiently waiting for your opinion about Spring2..
  6. aisnikkor
    Still waiting on the DAC to arrive, no ETA yet, potentially a couple more weeks. I have not heard the original Spring, so I will not be able to comment on differences there. I’ve spent a lot of time with Oppo DACs, most recently the Sonica, so that is my frame of reference. This should be a big step up in sound quality.

    Looks like a couple of guys on the CA forum have the Spring 2 in hand, but have not posted any review yet, and I’ve not been able to find a posted opinion on it yet anywhere else either.
  7. aleksander85
    I also haven't heared the ''Spring 1'' but i,m reading only great reviews about it and i,m considering buying new version if opinions would be similar or better.
    Are you gonna used it od speaker system or headphones?
  8. aisnikkor
    I was 100% set on getting the original Spring based on reviews. Hoping this will be as good or better than the original, kind of excited for the potential improvements. Already picked up a KTE SU-1 to interface it with, as I don’t have the cleanest computer USB connection to work with.

    Plan to use it on both headphones and speakers, but more for headphones due to the nature of my household. Have Focal Elex now, Senn HD800’s coming soon (the original model). Will be running it with a Schiit Ragnarok amp either way, including speakers, which are 1980’s vintage KEF 105/4’s and 103/2’s.
  9. aleksander85
    I have Elear but no amp for now..sold A-GDmaster 11 and Unison Research SH..also sold M2Tech young DAC
    So now i'm only using turntable for almost 6 months.Not that i'm missing dac to much but some music can't be find on LPs.Heared those R2R dacs should be as close as ''possible'' to hi-end turntable sound.Hope there is some truth in that claim i,m hearing from so many audiophiles.
    Have not heared many DACs that can play in same league with hi-end turntable(for my taste).
  10. aisnikkor
    I have been digital all along, 30 years at this point. Started to experiment with vinyl, with mid level stuff, but I think Holo Spring will probably end my vinyl experiments for good.
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  11. Maxx134
    I "side graded" from yggy original version to the Holo Spring first version with zero regret.

    I have read that yggy2 eclipsed the HoloSpring,
    so if the Holo Spring2 has audible improvements, then it would be great news indeed.
  12. BlueDL
    I have never heard the Yggy, but as I like to feed a DAC with DSD512 via upsampling, I couldn’t use one if I tried! So the Yggy2 would only better the Holo Spring with PCM I guess.
  13. aleksander85
    Nobody got it yet?
  14. aisnikkor
    Mine is supposed to ship this week, hopefully I’ll have it by the weekend.
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  15. Baten
    Mine just arrived from Hong Kong. I got the Wildism version, the HK version of the KTE, same price but different tweaks (10000uf audionote capacitors among other things :)).



    Really good latency is possible too even when using demanding VSTs. 5ms back-to-back and that's not even pushing it, just being conservative. Impressive.

    Bravo, holo audio. DSD1024 and 1.5M PCM work with the driver plug-and-play as long as you have a suitable player (HQplayer or even foobar with SoX set to 1536000 works too).

    I literally unboxed it minutes ago but so far the sound is very good, wonderful NOS sound. What I bought it for. But I'm very impressed with the nuances and its delta-sigma levels of low distortion! Some retailers have measurements proving that :) Great match with the 'lowly' THX. Room for upgrade, yes I'm sure, but the THX forward feedback is a treat together with this Spring.

    The iFi black label micro was my favorite for NOS/bitperfect for a long time but now.. the spring is the king of NOS by far.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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