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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. earnmyturns
    You need to specify the amp to get any useful feedback. I don't have those headphones, but in my experience, the DAC-amp pairing makes a big difference on how different headphones perform. I have a Holo Spring KTE 3. With a solid-state Neurochrome HP-1, MrSpeakers Æon Closed sound very balanced and dynamic. With a hybrid tube-solid state Schiit Lyr 3 with a high-end tube, Æon Closed sounds constricted and somewhat disjointed between lows and mids. OTOH, MrSpeakers Ether C Flow sound glorious with the Lyr 3. Same DAC, different amps, very different outcomes depending on headphones.
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  2. nick77
    I have a modded Singxer SU-1 to allow connection to Spring i2s. Kitsune DC conversion. Big leap in performance going i2s.
    Send me a pm if interested.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
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  3. hyperdanny
    the new version Holo Spring 2 is now on sale both on Kitsune (for US) and Magna (for Europe).
    The list of improvements is long but somewhat vaguely worded..better resistors (actual % not said), a "femtoclock" and more, what's very clear is that there's a marked (at least for Europe) increase in prices..basically the version 3 is 300 euros more!
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  4. Whitigir
    Ok, I am In for dsd1024 .... however, what in the heck can do Digital to Digital conversion that output DSD1024 via I2S ?

    People only think DAC is important....the DDC is also just as important.

    The compensation is something similar to AudioGD has been doing for a while, sadly...no DSD1024. I heard the Kitsune HS once in comparison to r2r7. Back then, the R2R7 had issues with it Firmware which is now much improved over a few versions of firmware. I heard the negativities of Brass Pins in HS and then I went to research on it and was so sure there were everywhere. Hope this is fixed ? I worked on my r2r7 and it brought a huge improvements

    I also would love to know the Clock system on the HS2, what is it
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  5. aleksander85
    Does anyone have new Holo Audio - Spring II DAC Level 2 (R2R - DSD1024) ?
    I,m considering this one or Audio GD R8..?
    What do you guys think would be better option and why?
    And one more question..what do you benefit when using Singxer SU-1 usb?I've seen this device in some youtube videos and i dont know what is it for..?Is that for streaming and for using i2s connection or am i wrong?

    thx for helping me.
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  6. Whitigir
    SU-1 is a digital to digital conversion.

    What does it convert ? Well, it take in USB signals, and convert it into I2S signals whatever the USB signals may contain (PCM, DSD...etc..)

    What is the I2S signals ? I thought DAC only take USB in ? Well, I2S signals is a processed and separate timed clock signals, it is called Inter-IC Sound (IIS). Your IC chips AKA DAC-chip is communicate by this Signals. Then what about the USB in on the DAC ? Exactly this, in digital world, you need digital interface (USB, Coax, AES, IIS...etc..). USB is just one of the input on the DAC, but whatever input it takes in, it would need to have an according interfaces to interprete this incoming digital signal into IIS signals. So, in short, your USB input in the DAC is simply USB-Digital to Digital Conversion. It will become IIS before it get to your DAC.

    So why do we use DDC (digital to digital conversion) ? Well, because more than often, the USB within your DAC is poorly implemented with only acceptable clock oscilliators and or power supply. The SU-1 is a dedicated DDC. It has separated ground isolation, linear power supply with ultra low noises, and other features to improve the sound quality for your digital files
  7. aleksander85
    Thx for that..i think i understand much better now.
    So in this case with SU-1 and I2S conection we should always get some inpruvement in sound..
    And Singxer SU-6 is same thing but ''new and inpruved one''?

    But is this meaningful only when used for streaming (roon,Tidal...) or even when used when playing (Flac ,..) from SSDdisc?

  8. Whitigir

    Yes, you will get improvement due to better clock precision’s and better power supply from your DDC

    Yes, SU-6 is a further improved DDC based on SU-1 but is using the same DSP Chip (digital Signal Processing) which is XMOS XU208

    It is meaningful whenever you are sending Digital signals into your DAC. Therefore, Roon, Tidal, YouTube, DSD, PCM of all kinds Wav/Flac...etc....Yes, even files stored on SSD
  9. aleksander85
    Thanks my friend.
    Did you heared new holo spring II?And is there big diference (soundwise)betwen 2 and Kitsune version?
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  10. Whitigir
    I wish I could afford them all to answer you :D, but I don’t :wink:

    I am curious about the II as well.
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  11. aleksander85
    Yea i understand..I also have tu safe money 1/2 year to buy somethink like that.Puting together my HI-FI sistem for 6-7 years and now hunting for new DAC(had M2tech Young before).
    I,m mostly listening to records and that is the sound that i want from my DAC(or as close to that).
  12. Whitigir
    I need more info about the II, but so far, I can’t find detailed pictures or specs out there. Pretty sad though
  13. aleksander85
    Magna hifi should have some specs ..
  14. topgunsphd
    Anyone have any experience with the spring 2? Is the USB better now to where DDC, like singxer su1, is no longer needed for better sound?
  15. aisnikkor
    Took a chance and ordered the KTE Spring 2 this past week. Still 3+ weeks out on delivery.

    I was set on getting a level 1 original Spring, and the KTE SU1, but when I finally was ready to order, the Spring 2 was up on the Kitsune page. Given you need at least level 2 of the Spring 2 to get the remote (which will be useful to me), I was now looking at the upper level models rather than level 1. With the current sale going on, decided to go all in for the KTE Spring 2 together with the KTE SU1.

    Improvements that pique my interest with the Spring 2 are the remote, that additional detail is now being shown on the display, and that the I2S input is supposedly improved over the original. Also of interest is that the KTE model now officially has hand selected DAC modules.

    My worries are that the DAC module is a refined design over the original Spring - will it still perform to the same high level? Power supply has been changed a bit as well. Feedback from Tim at Kitsune and some trust that the designer would not go backwards in performance goals gave me enough confidence to go forward with the purchase.

    I’ve scoured the internet every couple of days for the past two weeks, and to date no review info is posted anywhere yet on the Spring 2 that I can find. Used google translate quite a bit these past few weeks...

    Anxiously awaiting both feedback from users, and delivery of my new DAC. So hard to be patient :).
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
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