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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. bimmer100
    :) my wife and I drive matching bavarian chariots, at least for the most part. Both are 435i's, yet her's is a grancoupe and mine is a coupe. She has the hot red leather interior. It's used mostly to transport lots of packages to the post office :D


    and to your recent post, the Spring Dac module is only half used when in SE mode or RCA output. and the entire dac module is used for balanced mode or XLR. XLR has better common mode noise rejection of course, but to most people it will be hard to tell much difference between the two outputs. 5V for XLR and 2.5V for RCA outputs... So if you can match volume of both inputs its likely it will be hard to tell the difference in most situations. Some may claim differences though. Using interconnects that are the same for RCA and same for XLR would be needed to compare between them fairly. and a preamp or integrated amp that also is well built to accept either SE or Balanced. I would be curious to hear from anyone who has tried them and had any significant differences.

    Exactly! in most cases if the setup doesn't have an environment of excessive noise, it will be hard to tell the difference. XLR balanced will just ensure the very best sound quality, so most will prefer to use this output. Personally I use both outputs... one goes to a headamp and another to a preamp. Our other two Spring dacs are setup in a similar way too. Both outputs actually work simultaneously and seems to be another common question I get a lot! odd, but I never use them at the same time, but its nice to have outputs to multiple pieces of gear. Most people may want to have a loudspeaker system and headamp system hooked up to their dac.
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  2. Contrails
    Thanks mate.

    Oh I bet the 4 series drives real nice. I love the coupes. I have a 87 M535i and a F20 hatch for daily duties.
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  3. joseph69
    Just curious. I have my L/R XLR outputs from my KTE Spring connected to 2 different headphone amps (GS-X/BHSE) with Y splitters. I only power on 1 amp at a time, and I've never tried to split the output signal simultaneously with the 2 amps powered on. What would happen if I tried splitting the output signal simultaneously to the 2 amps powered on? Of course I've never tried this because I wouldn't want cause damage to either my DAC or amps which is why I'm asking.
  4. bimmer100
    I personally have not done specifically what you are asking. I do know at all the Audio events that Headamp attends, they will do this at their booth. They use our KTE Spring dac and xlr splitters to their two amps, the gsx mk2 and blue Hawaii se. So I know it should work. I would have to check to see what downsides it has. I don’t think I would recommend this setup for normal use, but do know they have had success.
  5. joseph69
    Interesting that HeadAmp has done this at their booth.
    I would have thought this wouldn't be a good idea. I was demoing my headphones & amps for a friend, but wouldn't dare do this, so we had to wait a little to do some listening between switching amps so they could warm up a little. He also agreed with me that I never tried this after I told him the DAC is feeding both amps via XLR splitters Thanks for the reply.
  6. MichaelXX2
    It's been almost 7 months now and I'm still very happy with my Holo Spring lvl 1. I used it in the NOS mode for a long time, but I recently switched to the OS mode and I've found that equally as enjoyable. I thought my music sounded good with my old system, but when I replaced my AR3-a speakers with Vandersteen 5as, the DAC really showed off what it could do. I've never heard Helplessness Blues sound better. Orchestra recordings are phenomenal. The DAC measures great and sounds even better! I was worried that the DAC would fall off and be written off as another flavor of the month DAC, but the Stereophile review seems to have ignited a surge in popularity for this company again. The Cyan was a great addition to the Holo line of products, for people who only care about PCM or DSD but not both.

    Have you guys ever considered making a CD or SACD player with NOS and OS modes, and digital inputs? I would buy one in a heartbeat to simplify my hi-fi a bit.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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  7. swampsong
    looks like the price went up on them... 1699 for the base model now... 1899 for level 2... and 2649 for level 3... i'm pretty sure it was about 200 cheaper for each one
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
  8. whirlwind
    I think I paid $2500 when I got mine....so maybe it has went up about $150.
    I would not sweat it too much....this is a killer dac...what a game changer in my system.
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  9. swampsong
    Yea i went ahead and ordered that package that came with the Singxer SU-1, it was 1850 something out the door not a bad deal, with an hdmi cable too

    i just can afford the base model right now... well i could afford more but sheesh i have spent so much the last month already...
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  10. Contrails
    Swapsong even the base model is a steal at its price.
  11. Blueswyh
    I am using a base model too in my speaker system. It is amazing for both music from a raspberry pi streamer and watching movie from a oppo bdp 103. So open, clean yet organic and rich. Upon the first few hours listening, it really reminded me of the tape recorder I had in college days. It makes me dare to and want to turn the volume up and up.
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  12. TubeDriver
    I have sort of done the XLR vs RCA ouput comparison. I have 2 identical sets cryoed DNM interconnects. On set with RCA connectors and one set with XLR connectors at source (Holo Spring) end (pin 2 hot, pin 3 floating) and RCA connectirs at preamp end. Volume matching is not an issue as I am only taking the + leg off the XLR outputs.

    Probably should not hear any difference but I do. The pseudo XLR cable connection sounds smoother, more balanced top to bottom with better low frequency reproduction, The RCA output connection sounds a little brasher, highs sound a tiny bit spitty by comparison.

    Perhaps I am just hearing an improvement due to the Neutrek XLR connectors compared to the low mass RCA connectors but the sound difference is consistent and easy to hear.

    I recently got rid of a 1993 Mercedes 190E 2.6 with bilstein shocks/H&R springs/400E swaybars/calipers and rotors. That was a fun little beater, should have hung on to it.

  13. vc1187
    Just received the L3 KTE version of this DAC yesterday.
    Coming from the NAD M51, this DAC sounds fantastic! I'm sure it will only improve with a few days of 'powered-on' time.

    It's my first experience with DSD, but with the KTE Spring, I'm now a believer that DSD can sound better than PCM. Considering how my ears have a hard time discerning differences from 320 kbps mp3s vs. CD quality recordings, I was shocked by how much I liked the sound of DSD.
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  14. Contrails
    Anyone compared using a CD player with Spdif output to the Holo vs using Su-1 via USB and i2s? I have quite a few cds which I am thinking of just ripping to the computer and using the SU-1 or it would be worth it investing in a CD player with Spdif out to the Holo.
  15. earnmyturns
    Not quite what you asked, but I've compared 1) USB>SU-1>I2S>Spring with 2) USB>Eitr>S/PDIF coax>Spring. 1) sounds better.
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