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  1. oneplustwo
    Brad wanted me to build a B22 for him. I specifically asked him if he was committed and he said yes. I purchased the enclosures for him along with another client's order to help minimize his shipping costs. Then he backed out. Lesson learned... don't do anything without money in hand.
  2. Chudalicious
    Swapped out my p-51 for Brad's SR71A and what an easy transaction!! Nice guy - great head-fier. Nice amp too!! [​IMG]
  3. Large4mat Contributor

    I purchased a HeadRoom Micro DAC from Brad. Payment was made on the 8th of August. He told me he would ship the package on the 11th of August, but actually shipped it on the 15th of August. He packaged the Micro DAC and power supply in a USPS Ready Post Bubble Mailer which is a thin paper envelope with a minimum of protection. Amazingly enough, the package survived the journey. See picture.


    Now on to the important stuff..... The power supply for the Micro DAC is a 230 volt unit which will not operate properly in the US!!!!!! See picture.


    Avoid transactions with this head-fi member unless you like to buy products that don’t operate properly on US voltages, and you don’t mind waiting a week for him to ship your goods.

    His signature states “Yeah I am 16 deal with it [​IMG]” Trust me, you don’t want to deal with it......
  4. DeusEx
    Brad seems to have some trouble these days...lol..he's probably not a bad guy, talked with him a while back...
  5. choka
    Bought a Darth Beyer v3 from Brad. Paid him a tiny bit more than he asked for to have it shipped UPS to me. He did that promptly and item is as described. Communication is fast. Brad is just a nice guy!
  6. unclejr
    I purchased an RSA portable amplifier from hockeyb213, and it arrived in the stated condition. Fast shipping, quick on the communication as well. No problems here.
  7. Matthew.C
    I purchased a RSA Tomahawk from Brad. Quick shipping and the communications were smooth as silk. Will definitely deal with Brad again.
  8. Trogdor
    Brad is a super nice guy.  The complaints I see above are a little harsh to say the least. 
    I bought Brad's Lavry DA11 from him.  We met face-to-face to avoid a lot of the overhead of the Internet since we were relatively close.  He stayed in contact with me the whole way, gave me his cell phone number, and we even talked after the transaction about equipment.  No problems whatsoever.
  9. hockeyb213 Contributor
    Thanks man I really appreciate the kind words :). Yeah I have had a couple silly people cause issues in the past :p

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