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Hockey talk

  1. boomana
    The big news today is Halak's trade to the Blues for Eller and Schultz.   That's a bit of a surprise.  Oh.....and something something about Devil's coaching,....MacClean something about headcoach....but no body cares about the Devils...so......blah blah etc. [​IMG]
  2. itsborken Contributor
    Trading Halak?   That is so not right.   Scratch Montreal; they should have traded for a bit more strength to win the cup next year.
  3. Happy Camper
    Being a Blues fan, I was hoping.....
    Along with an earlier trade, the Habs got a couple of good young Blues prospects that will fit their offense. Eller was ticketed to crack the young lineup next season but you gotta give to get.
  4. itsborken Contributor
    Defense wins cups.  Got to stop those goals, get those shutouts to make the grade.  I'll be watching more Blues games this season.
  5. Pepsi
    Halak is a beast. It's going to be interesting next year for the Blues that's for sure. 
  6. Happy Camper
    It will be an interesting off season in the windy city as they figure how to keep the core and trade the pieces to fit in the cap.
    In a little more analysis of the activities between la Habs and the Blues you'll see they swapped dAngostini for Palushji. I think that was part of this trade. The Canadians got three good young kids ready to make their NHL debuts. Eller will be a hit.
  7. buddhashenglong
    What about Nabby on the chopping block? Pepsi, you missing Big Buff yet?
  8. ak622 Contributor
    Latest rumor is Nabby to the Flyers in a possible sign and trade.  But given that free agency is just 2 more days away, I wouldn't be surprised if the deal doesn't go through and he tests the free agent waters.  He would be an upgrade in net for the Flyers but his salary would really not help them in retooling their defense.  Hopefully there will be some movement this offseason, nothing to note at the draft.
  9. Pepsi


    YES! Sorry on the late reply but i can barely stand this site. It looks like it will be hard for a repeat, it seems as if every Chicago Team that wins a championship or gets damn close, eventually the core of the team gets broken up, i.e. Chicago Bears, White Sox. 
  10. Happy Camper
    DJ King to the Caps. That division will get a little more entertaining. DJ can give you the rare goal but he is one of the most feared protectors in the game. The guy hits so hard he broke his hand on a guy's face. Blues only got 13 games out of him in two seasons so I hope you can get more out of him. I'd of kept DJ and cut Janssen.
    Grawk, what kind of prospect is Rovere?
  11. frozenice

    He'll probably end up being a gritty,tough-nosed 3rd or 4th line player. He's played on Team Canada for the World Junior Championship twice, which are big in Canada, all of the Team Canada's games are televised. I like the way he plays and I'm sure you guys will too. The kind of guy you want on your team but don't want to play against.
  12. buddhashenglong
    Turco to Chi-town! Crazy!!
  13. joe Administrator
    The Detroit Free Press is stating Modano has agreed to terms to be a Red Wing for this upcoming season.
  14. Happy Camper
    I am glad Mikey gets one last shot for a cup. How many faceoffs did we watch between him and Stevie Y over the years?
  15. boomana
    And there's a nice full-circle by going back to Detroit.  Wondering where he'll fit in.  Third, forth line?

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