HLLY tube amp...Little Dot Clone?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 23, 2008
This tube amp from HLLY looks exactly like the Little Dot MKIV.



Any comment?
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They do look exactly the same. It would be annoying if they actually stole the circuit from LD. Maybe you should shoot an email to David at little dot?
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I've only bought a used Little Dot MKIII from a fellow member so I don't even know which ebay seller is the legit one from Little Dot. I wouldn't mind shooting them an email but you guys have to tell me who I should contact.
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Going by the photo, they use the nasty imitation Neutrik jack, with which you get drop-outs. Seems they've just gone to the same case supplier as LD have.
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It sure not made same company of LD ! LD Headphone amps seem to be sell in resonable price. May be We like to support original design manufacturer.
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The ebay item page is dead give away that they stole this from LD...

The specs are just copy and paste from LDs spec page. They also use MKIV (not SE) tubes, but come with 2 year warranty like the SE. Warranty not backed by HLLY but LD!!! I wonder what these guys were thinking...
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According to what I think is a semi-official website for Little Dot (Little-Tube) the HLLY amp is an unauthorized copy. One of the tube types is different and not compatible, which implies there is a different circuit. To date, I have not been able to find photos of the HLLY circuit. I emailed one seller on ebay for the HLLY, and they told me circuit pics were on the HLLY website. The HLLY website doesn't even list the HLLY MK III (LD MK IV knockoff).

Needless to say, I didn't buy the HLLY. The case looks nice, but the innards are a big mystery. It's $100 cheaper, but you have no idea what you're getting. However, if anyone has circuit photos, please post them!
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Reading the Little Tube forums David has stated (obviously) that Little Dot does not warranty knock-offs. He also mentioned that he is trying to find out who their case supplier is.

In any case, this seller is not selling many of these (according to the feedback). As a MKIV se owner I'd be very curious to see pics of this imitator's guts.

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