Hje900 Nearly perfect sound but zero isolation, Anything similar in uk? looking to order today.
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Mar 18, 2008
Just what the title says, I've had the 900 for a while and while i'm in love with the sound especially the fizzy treble i'm heartbroken that i cannot enjoy them on the go as the isolation absolutley sucks for me,and it's pointless having amazing sound if i have to turn the volume up to a crazy level when i'm out, The isolation does not have to be of ety standard but at least as much as the shures.
I know complys will give me better isolation but i won't use them as they tend to muffle the sound so is there anything along the dynamic line that has the isolation i want, i was looking at the copper turbines but i had heard the westone 2 was pretty dynamic for a ba phone so i have those two as a start.
Looking to order today really for the weekend so any advice would be most helpfull, Bear in mind i'm in the uk so i'm restricted to models i can get here.

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