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History of the AKG K1000?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mikeg, Jan 30, 2004.
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  1. Jazz1

    Originally posted by Permonic
    According to this article: "...it synthesizes the key ideas from the Stax SR-Sigma and the Jecklin Float into a single design..."

    I found somewhere, that the parameters of Jecklin Float Model 1 are: 5Hz - 25kHz, 200 Ohm, weight 385g.

    That's how Jecklin Float Model 2 looks like:

    (Source: http://www.audiocircuit.com/9111-esh...1CMJEC-PIC.htm )

    This guy, Martin Duerrentmatt is a father of Jecklin Float:

    (source: http://www.avguide.ch/index.cfm?show...BF08EB9E47B99A )

    Also check this link to see the info about Ergo Headphones (from the same company).

    This headphone looks like a prop from "The Fifth Element" movie [​IMG] or maybe Dr. Who.
  2. Nigel
    That picture is of a Jecklin Float electrostatic.
    I have the mk2 Floats & they are a dynamic headphone that use exactly the same style headset.
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Yes, we was influences by the STAX design too. However, it was the idea just to get nothing disturbing in front of the ear. So we created a huge membrane very light weight only...
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  4. kazaakas
    Haha wow you just went over 8½ years back in time by bumping this thread
  5. Quote:
    Are you from  Jecklin or AKG?  
  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    hi, I was one of 3 developers of the K1000 at AKG. this was till 1989.
    The major content i was responsible for was the Membrane, the filter and the magnet system...
  7. Amarphael
    Go on please, We'd all be very keen learning about the R&D route down to the very minute details...
  8. elwappo99
    Yea, I'm with this guy. Are you kidding me?!?! We'd love to hear more about this fabled can!
  9. Farnsworth
    And then...
  10. machoboy
    Can I have your autograph????????////////
  11. trentino
    Yeees, more, MORE!
  12. lpan
    Yes, if indeed true... must hear more about its legacy!!
  13. hrklg01 Contributor
    Ok, nice to hear that you are interested in those old development. To be honest, I'm really thinking that this product is outstanding till now in sound performance. However, the comfort to wear is poor, but this was never the main aim at this time.
    The product developed before the K1000 was the K240DF. Meaning designed for the diffuse field. In simple words, the acoustic is designed so, that measured on the ear entrance the frequency response shall be the same as sound from far field listening to ideal speakers and sitting in a listening room.
    After finalized the K240DF we recognized a quite large community especially in the German region which liked that sound adjustment.
    On the other hand side, we developers was not satisfied, because the sound performance was very depending on the users ear and also we "hate" to wear closed headphone because of the heat surrounding the ear after a while.
    Therefore we agreed to design a headphone without that disadvantages.... That was approx. 1985 when the K1000 project idea was born.
    It was clear to us, that due to missing sound pressure chamber in front of the ear, the speaker driver has to deliver a very low resonance frequency and relative huge displacement. Also the effective membrane surface has to be very large and very stiff and lightweight too.
    The development of this simple looking membrane took approx. 3 years, 'cause no proper working simulation programs exist at that time available for us.
    The magnet/coil system was always questioned and alternatives like orthodynamic systems and electrostatic drive was also considered. However, the classic dynamic drive won. This was because of the special design of the radial magnet system of the K1000 which works very effective and could be designed very tiny. Therefore the effective acoustic inductance of the complete K1000 was lower than any other driver system we benchmarked. I other simple words: When measuring on the ear entrance wearing the K1000 the sound coming from free field, it's almost the same as without the headphone.
    .... Any specific questions more ?
    Kind Regards
  14. elwappo99
    This is very interesting. The K240df and K1000 are two headphones I see discussed here so often, and up for sale a lot still. I had no idea they were connected in this manner! 
    I have a few questions I'd be very interested to hear! 
    1. Do you still work for AKG? If not, when did you stop working (approximately)? 
    2. What do you think of the current AKG direction under HarmonKardon (for headphones)?
    3. Are you still into headphones? What pairs do you own?
    4. Were you involved at all with the K340. Those are certainly an interesting story in themselves as well.
  15. Blackmore
    There are 2 designs that AKG were able to create that still the best sounding of the most out there today and these are: K1000 and K340. Of course, there are other models to, but not such unique
    Harman is milking and AKG is suffering, but maybe they were the only way to survive, who knows?
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