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History of the AKG K1000?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mikeg, Jan 30, 2004.
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  1. robm321
    Very cool! 
  2. DutchGFX
    I finally got around to taking driver pics. Hopefully this is enough to identify the issue :)

    I really appreciate the help


  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Yes, thank you for the pics.
    It's really the typical defect membrane gluing. The space between the frame and the membrne has to be accurate filled with the water proof white glue as mentioned earlier in the treat.
    See the attached picture... typicaldefectmembraneglueing.jpg
    Br heinz
  4. DutchGFX
    Thanks so much! Do I glue at the very edge, like where the blue is, or do I glue all the way on the inside, like where the orange is? Or should I fill the whole thing?

  5. hrklg01 Contributor
    please follow the Picture attached, it describe how the repair shall be done.
    Best  regards,
  6. DutchGFX
    I applied the glue and waited 24hrs, and the rattle is reduced but still audible. Should I add more glue?
  7. hrklg01 Contributor
    Sorry!  :frowning2:
    It's difficult to say. This because the rattle can be caused by other reasons too.
    Those reasons are:
    - Dust in the magnetic air gap - mostly caused by old and defect foam particles from the foam in the center or the wooden box-package.
    - Insufficient wire loop - wires could touch the membrane while moving
    Of course it could be also not sufficient glue.
    To analyse it help to vary amplifier gain and check if the rattle is constant there or it just start from a certain loundness onwards. If this is true than it's not likely that it's still the membrane glue the cause for the problem. Because the poor membrane glue effect rattle almost at any sound pressure level.
    Hope I could help!
    BR Heinz
  8. Nomax

    theboch likes this.
  9. wink
    Awwww... Nomax, you're doing it again...... !!!!   [​IMG]
  10. Nomax

    OH i forget to say more following soon!:smiley::smiley::smiley:
    But you can take a look at my AVATAR PICTURE:thumbsup:

    robm321 likes this.
  11. qazxsw80
    It doesn't look like AKG headphones and it doesn't look like dynamic headphones. So the history won't be continued. Looks like another picture of the Diana by Abyss. Why to post here?
  12. Nomax

    It is not Diana by Abyss:smiley::flag_at:


    PS.that on my Avatar will be a dynamic hp!!
  13. qazxsw80
    I wonder do you Heinz remember these?[​IMG]
    index.jpg index.jpg index.jpg
    The picture from the official Facebook page of AKG. 
    Those headphones are made by AKG or not?
    arnaud likes this.
  14. DisCHORDDubstep
    ... Are you... Are you alluding to a K1000 successor?
  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello qazxsw80,
    Yes, that's exactly our (Helmut's and myself's) first working prototype which we developed!
    Unbelievable which way it went during all the past years.
    An it was already a "bass high" version!  :)
    Of course the deisgn was not very pretty and the materials used also not.
    However, it sounded great and better tahn the Stax Lambda and Jecklin Float at that time.
    Is it now in your hand?
    Best regards,
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