hiss (static noise) when using Shure SE530 with iPod Classic
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Oct 16, 2006
When I use the Shure SE530 with the iPod Classic (160GB version) there is a low hissing noise (like white noise) when the music is not playing or when there is a quiet passage in the music.

I can also hear the iPod Classic's hard drive spinning up (a low whirring sound) through the earphones when skipping tracks.

Would adding an impedance adapter like the one from APureSound (APureSound - Where The Music Is Always Pure - APS Audio LLC.) eliminate the hiss?
Would it have a negative impact on sound quality?
Should I get the 75ohm or 120ohm adapter?
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If you get an impedance adapter, It may or may not be hard for your classic to drive the phones, meaning you would need to get a portable amp.
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I wanted to avoid getting a portable amp because I don't want to carry another piece of equipment around. The iPod + amp setup makes it less portable.
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impedence adapters can alter the sound of an iem. i am religious in using one with certain sensitive iems that benefit from an adapter. the added impedance may actually help with bass resolution and soundstage - making the iem easier to drive, but quieter.

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