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Hisoundaudio WooDuo 2: Anthing "better" out there?

  1. Antt
    Hi all. So I loved the HSA pairs I've owned in the past. Two broke during use, one or two pair stopped working on their own and having just recently purchased two pair from eBay, BOTH pairs didn't work properly. One even had two Left ear buds. So I have two questions for you guys:

    1) Does Hisoundaudio sell directly to the public? Every time I buy something from eBay, the box always arrives tattered and I don't know if it's been used, etc. But no one besides a couple sellers on eBay sells them.

    2) Not having any luck with that, can you recommend me at least one other pair (the more, the better) that you think outshine the WooDuo's? I know that this is subjective, especially if someone like me has gotten really, really use to the sound of the WD's, but I have no choice but to expand at this point and try other brands. So any help I can get from any of you would be greatly appreciated.

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