HiSoundAudio Popo - Good Choice? Where to Buy??? (Please help!)
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May 21, 2012
Hi All, 
I've pretty much made a decision to go with the Hisoundaudio Popo IEMs. I listen to mostly metal, dubstep, classic rock, and jazz. Also my price range is $70 or under. I'm looking for IEM's that are both as clear as possible, and also bass-heavy and warm. I'd also like them to sound as wide as possible, I believe that is called soundstage. (noob)
Are these the best choice for me?
Where can I buy them??? (I live in the US, Boston to be specific).
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Nov 10, 2011
Not to throw a wrench into your decision making process but may I suggest you look into the audio technica cks77. You can find slightly blemished rejects on ebay within your budget. I own both and would have to say the sound signatures are somewhat similar in what they are trying to accomplish. Versatile bassy iems. The cks77 I literally just got and would have to say they are probably going to be more versatile plus I feel that I am more in the middle of my music. I suggest you check out the thread for more information since I'm not the greatest at reviews and comparisons.
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Jan 5, 2011
I would definitely check out the AT cks77 mentioned above but I can also vouch for the Hisoundaudio POPO as I own them.
I received them as a review sample from Hisoundaudio and at first I didn't like them but they grew on me. The bass is fantastic, hard hitting, full of body, and sub-bass is one of the best I've heard on a sub-100 IEM if not the best. Sadly, the bass does overwhelm the mids and highs a little so it becomes a very bottom-oriented sound and quite warm as well.
As a person who listens to a little dubstep, I love the bass that the POPO IEMs can produce but dubstep also has screeches into the highs as well and that's where the POPO IEMs disappoint a little in my opinion (granted I was listening to the Triple Fis previously). I also thought the soundstage could be a bit wider but it's not bad at all.
You can get them around $60 on ebay (I'm pretty sure Hisoundaudio has their own shop on eBay as well) but here's one link:

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