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Hisoundaudio Nova N3 Player + Wooduo-2, Tabour, and PAA-1 earphones

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  1. anoxy
    For Sale
    The player is brand new with the box and all accessories. Screen film hasn't even been removed, and I haven't taken any of the earphones out of their plastic baggies.
    I've used it maybe 2 hours tops for testing. Sound quality is fantastic, I just don't need another dap.
    $190 shipped CONUS
  2. anoxy
    price adjusted.
  3. anoxy
    price drops
  4. anoxy
    price dropped
  5. HifiPenguin
    What is your lowest you'll take for the player?

    Pm me
  6. anoxy
    Why would I even post an asking price if I'm going to answer that question? Seriously man.
  7. HifiPenguin
    That's why I said private message me.. Are you still selling it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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