Hisound Audio Wooduo 2 : Audiophile's Bass monster?
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Apr 30, 2012
Hisound Wooduo 2 reached Earmass!
Hisound Audio is already earned good names because of their excellent DAP, while some of their earbud and Live IEM are also very competitive in their own, we over Earmass here are long time itch to try their products.
Luckily, although it is a bit late but I am still lucky enough to try one of their well known made by wood IEM, the Hisound Wooduo 2. Thanks Jack from Hisound for sending me this babe for review purpose.
Good workman ship
Wooduo 2 has been marketed as an audiophile IEM and it has a pretty lean price tag which is just 129USD, without talk much, I can tell you directly it justified the price tag, and sounded more than the price tag.
Build Quality/Outlook and Packaging
Front packaging
Wooduo 2 is made by wood which is really nice and special. Wooduo 2 is solid and tough, completed with flat (Noodle) cable, which some may like or vice versa. Flat cable is good for avoid tangling issue and should be tougher as well, however it will invite more prominent microphonic issue. Luckily Hisound include a shirt clip in the packaging and this can eliminate most of the microphonic noise.
Rear Packaging

Speaking of packaging, you will get some eartips that including some of the double flange ear tips too, and what is really extraordinary is that you will get a shirt clip (Which is quite rare now) and a Good quality hard case! This is really surprising and useful, I have really a lot to praise for the included accessories. They are useful.
Audio Quality
Hisound Wooduo 2 has been burned in more than 50 hours and tested along with iFi iDAC,iCAN and iUSB, JDS Labs Objective 2 and ObjectiveDac, Stoner Acustic UD100, Yulong Audio U100 and D100 II, Hippo Biscuit combined with Govibe Minibox.
Good office companion?
High: High is not really lacking, it is present although don’t have the super crisp and extension that some offered, but it is quite respectable.
3.5mm jack, not in 90 degree configuration
Mid: Midrange is not recessed or lacking. What I like very much is the vocal is not too up front, sometimes an upfront vocal presentation will influence badly with the overall music presentation, but this is not the case, sometime I do think that although timbre is good, but midrange is slightly/mildly behind the bass, I won’t be calling this ‘recessed mid’.
Low: Bass is nothing short of impressive, bass body is big and rumbling. Bass is not fast,it will keep rumble, most of them are sub-bass so you can heard that it extended to quite a low region, also I don’t think they are ‘too’ overwhelmed the bass, as I can hear clear mid and high, I can surely tell you that they have enhanced the bass response of Wooduo 2, this is not necessarily a bad thing except that if you are allergy to bass.

Sound Signature: Wooduo 2 is a little bit on warm sound signature, everything is enjoyable. Wooduo 2 is definitely a IEM that enhanced the bass response, but Wooduo 2 is nicely done. First of all, mid and treble is still good and clear. Clarity is excellent, sound is process with good degree of richness. Rumbling is enough and shattered for a bass demanding music while still doing great for those not so bass demanding music. I will say Wooduo 2 is quite good that it is enjoyable for almost every types of music. Detail level is not impressive but is not lacking.
Super hard case,which is really good and thoughtful
SoundStage: Wooduo 2 does not performed typically for an iem. Sound stage is wide although for depth it is still quite flat and typical. But it is good and in my opinion, somehow better than much of its competitors. Spacious and flow freely, although still not comparable to open sounding headphone or earbud, but it is impressive and sound is rich although has good soundstage.
When I first received the Wooduo 2, I played it along with some live recording such as Jacky Cheung (2007 Taipei Live) and The Eagles (Hell Freeze Over),  I have been stunned by the spacious sound and good soundstaging that Wooduo 2 give. This is quite rare that I get from an IEM, and Wooduo 2 is still a budget IEM, and I am impressed as well when what I can get from the song is rich sound signature, and I can say overall timbre is good and really enjoyable.
Included Eartips and cable manager
I played The Tango Project (The Tango Project),  I like the sound that has a good presentation although most of the time I found that violin sounded a little bit too backward than other instrument, although Violin processed nicely with clean and lean line, but the slightly less pronounce than other instrument has cut some deal. Despite of that, I can say Wooduo 2 is still quite a performer for this kind of music.
I played some tracks from Jesse Cook (Vertigo), bass is very prominent but instrument such as guitar is not shadowed by the bass, other instrument still play nicely.

I also played some R&B ranging from Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, Akon and some latest hits, I think Wooduo 2 have found its home here, you will be blessed by bass and BASS, straight out from Hippo Biscuit and Govibe Minibox, some of my friends are blown by the bass response, and how Wooduo 2 still greatly performed in mids and treble region.  If you wished to been attacked by bass, played Lindsey Stirling (Lindsey Stirling), see how well the bass response and instrument although a little bit backward, is still nice and enjoyable.
Shirt Clipm which is very handy
Wooduo 2 is never a balanced sounding IEM, but who said it gonna be a balanced sounding Iem/headphone to be called as audiophile stuffs? Sometime we need different sound signature to match with our listening mood, and if you observed closely, some of the High end headphone is not balanced sounding as well, Wooduo 2 do give us some very good and heavy bass response, but for my honest opinion, although midrange and treble is backward than Bass, it is not bad though, especially considering the amount of bass.
Highly recommended!
Without saying much, I am recommended you the Wooduo 2 happily.

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