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Hilarious fake Shure

  1. tkalee
  2. caimanjosh
    Wow, looks like someone dug some trashy earphones from 1985 out of their closet, taped some tips on them, then posted them on the web.  Amazing..
  3. kjk1281
    The "SCL1" is hilariously fake, but the E1(c) is definitely real. The following is a link to Earphone Solution's review of them (and other older Shures), including a pic of displaying their delightful hideousness: Review Comparison of Shure In-Ear Earphones.
  4. tkalee
    The best bit (scroll down) is how they say they'll post you a random assortment of tips.  Because not knowing what you're getting is a selling point!
  5. MaxMusic
    "Tips: Different kinds or size earbuds will be shipped by randomly"
  6. Mdraluck23
    Watch them sound like the most amazing IEM's of all time.
  7. 3rdear
    you can find fake fx500s for half that price, and the sound quality to me, w/out having heard the real ones, didn't sound all that bad.
  8. kingpintps

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