Hilarious description today on woot.
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Cry Havoc

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Oct 24, 2007
For those of you unaware, woot.com is a site that offers one deal per day for you to buy if you so choose.

They're selling undoubtedly crappy RCA foldable headphones. Not only are these cheap (4.99), but you get TWO of them for that price. I'm tempted to buy them just to hear how crappy they sound. But the description is hilarious!

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Poor Debbie was born different. Each day she would dread going to school, to endure another day of “Hey, four ears!” She couldn’t even pretend she didn’t hear. She’d just sit under a tree and read comic books about her hero, the Ten-Eyed Man, and imagine that one day things would be different. And then she met the RCA Foldable Headphones (2 Pack).

She noticed his four pairs of interchangeable color caps, Blue, Metallic Blue, Black and Red. She noticed that there were four for each set of headphones, for a total of eight. A girl noticed a thing like that. Debbie liked the way the RCA Foldable Headphones (2 Pack) fit gently behind her head, so that it didn’t get in the way of the hat she’d pull down to cover her secret shame. It was more comfortable that way, and the RCA Foldable Headphones (2 Pack) never once seemed to judge her for it.

Before long, they were inseparable. She admired his style and pleasing sound, and the quality of his 3.5mm Gold Plated mini-phone jack. They would sit on the beach and listen to Quadrophenia, not a care in the world. Debbie didn’t care what they said about her now. She had her RCA Foldable Headphones (2 Pack). Nothing else mattered.

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