Highly portable headphones
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Jul 17, 2012
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Hi all.  As this forum is slowly draining my expendable funds, I'm growing curious about highly portable headphones, and when I mean portable, I mean on the level of the KSC75 and PX200-II.  Disregarding IEMs and similar, what might be an upgrade beyond the two listed headphones?  Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'd hand out cookies, but they don't ship very well.
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The Beyer DT235 is excellent and inexpensive. My current fav portable. I did have to mold the plastic headband to my big head by dunking it in a pot of boiling water but now they are beyond comfy. Not as drastic as it sounds.
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I personally like the AKG K840L, which is also my profile pic,
but they have been discontinued.
Have you looked into Forum>Equipment>Portable headphones yet? they may have better response there
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Musically, I mostly listen to alt/rock, with a little EDM, classical and musical mixed in.  As far as a budget, I think 150 or under will be fine, but mainly just getting ideas to see if anything catches my interest enough.
Btw, does anyone have any experience with the ATH-EW9?
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Any other suggestions?  I'm mainly looking for something similarly small to the PX200 that can outperform it, assuming anything roughly that size will.
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I say look into those JVC's. I haven't heard of anyone who didn't like them yet, one guy says he prefers them over HD800's (>$1000)
Although thats more based on his music preference, by no means are they as detailed or analytical.
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Well, decided to give the s400 a try.  My normal headphones are just too bulky for me to want to drag around with me on a regular basis, and while I have a couple nice IEMs, comfort can certainly be an issue.

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