Highest quality DAP with lots of space
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Feb 25, 2007
What is the highest sound quality DAP with lots of space? I'm looking for high signal to noise ratio, flat frequency response (with good EQ options esp bass boosting), low harmonic distortion, among other things. I listen mostly to electronica but I also like stuff like classical and jazz. Detail in the highs and a strong bass presence are pretty important. I was looking at the 80 GB Cowon A3 but I'm wondering if there are any others I should be considering. I am not a fan of the iPod because quite frankly its sound quality isn't that great, and sound quality is pretty much the top priority (provided it has >= 40 GB of space). Space is really important because I have a ton of music. Which others should I look into getting? Is Creative any good? I used to have a Zen Touch 40 GB but the headphone jack is cutting out sporadically and I had it autographed by some hip hop pioneers so I don't want to use it anymore. I miss the TI DSP that the old Zens used.

I heard about there being bass roll-off with the Cowon players. Can anyone confirm this? I listen to a lot of DNB/Jungle so I probably wouldn't be able to stand it. If so, should I get another Creative instead? (I just don't want the headphone jack breaking on me again, and yes, I tried the plastic bottle cap mod with it and it only worked for a while before it started cutting out again) I don't care if it plays video or not. I don't even care if it has a monochrome display. UI only matters slightly. Battery life kinda matters. Physical dimensions don't really matter as long as it's portable.
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Apr 11, 2007
I bought an A3 after using an X5 for years. In the interim period I got myself a Sony A818. And although the A3 has a really great sound, and the capacity and ability to play lossless is a massive plus, I just can't get on with it after the A818. It's quite annoying actually as the A3 wasn't exactly cheap. But I just enjoy music more on the A818, I think due to the warmer sound.

Anyway, the sq on the A3 is fantastic, if a little 'clinical' for my own personal tastes.
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Apr 24, 2006
TheChuckster, I've got Zen Vision: M 60GB, which looks like the last great DAP made by Creative and I'm looking for the same exact player, you do. And it's because I can't get enough bass from my ZVM... So Creative is probably not the best direction for the search...

Currently I'm deciding between Cowon O2 (no reviews of it's SQ as of yet) or.. Sansa Fuze 8GB + several 12GB/16GB Micro SD cards.
Sony is tempting of course... but no SD card extension... Why? 16GBs is soooo little space.
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May 5, 2008
Get a Zune 120, or a iPod 120. Both will allow you to carry a solid amount of tunes, though the Zune will be a better "pocketable" video viewer. The SQ through the HP out is a bit better w/Zunes also.

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