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Highest performing Noise-Isolating IEM’s

  1. Dn2292
    I am wondering what are the highest rated noise isolating IEM’s? Is it etymotic specifically the ER4XR model?

    I have Shure SE 215’s and think they are nice, was considering going to a CIEM Shure Model. Would the 4XR’s be better than custom 425 or 535’s??

    I know very little so please be gentle with me :>) I am not worried about sound quality because I know at this level I will be happy no matter what..... that’s how little I know..... LOL ignorance can be bliss!?!!!

    Thank you in advance for your helpful guidance.

    I will be putting on drummer over-ear cans on top of the iem’s To block out even more of the loud room noise. Just to give you an idea of what I plan on doing.

    Ok ok I guess I can’t just leave you with that, just hanging.... you will be wondering what the heck is going on!
    So I am hypersensitive to sound, and while I do enjoy high quality music, recently I have been more than my norm hyper-hypersensitive to sound. So I would like to go back to my bible study class with my wife. And it’s loud there(at least for me) so I’m thinking CIEM’s or iem’s and then (passive)drummer noise-isolating headphones on top of that.

    Now one would wonder would I be able to hear during the Bible study class? Wellllllll they already have an fm system setup. Boyah!!! I have not yet looked but am sure there is an app for my iPhone for that.

    So do you guys and gals think this setup might work? I have been missing for months because of my inability to interact on a normal level with people. My medical bills are huge but I think I can come up with around $500 if it means me being able to interact with people again!
  2. pbui44
    The Etymotics are very reputable for having isolating IEMs, but if you want a name-brand, various Fender universal IEMs (used to be Aurisonics) will work very well, and Noble Audio has many Wizard-housing IEMs, like Massdrop X Wizards, also isolate sound extremely well.
  3. yong_shun
    Isolation is subjective to your ear canal shape. Different length and different size of ear canal will cause a difference. My Campfire Audio Nova gives me a very good isolation but not for everyone because of the housing. I think you can consider Campfire Audio Comet or maybe Final Audio E and F series.
  4. davidcotton
    If you want isolation take a look at silicone ciems. They do require a bit more looking after than acrylic customs though.
  5. Colors
    Etyomotic and Shure IEMs will suit your needs.
  6. Dn2292
    So a couple of things:

    First of all my OP sounds funny I know, basically I want to go to church with my wife but I have problems with the loud speaker system. Yes my entire life is controlled by sound, so basically this is the loudest thing I have to deal with in my weekly routine. So that’s what I’m up against :>)

    2nd, I don’t care about the name of the brand, quality and durability is all that matter to me, if I’m going to spend the money I want it to last. Through my research I have gleaned people tend to be particular to certain designs or brands because of said design. I REALLY love my Shure 215’s, I can be on the couch listening to music(I like music, it just can’t be loud) and my wife can be talking to me 5ft away and I can’t hear anything! I say this when I listen to music at very low volume and I hear things like a freak!! So does this mean anything besides the seal is good? Should I just get a shure ciem? Would that be the simple thing to do or is there a better option???

    3rd, I have had custom ear plugs made out of soft silicone, actually last week just had another mold done for a new pair because my old pair ripped after 5 years of daily use. How does acrylic differ? Will do more research tonight about that, sounds like it would cost way more than $500:>) My molds I had done last week hopefully can be used if go the CIEM route, save some coin!

    Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it, all of this is very overwhelming with so many options!
  7. pbui44
  8. mrears
    For silicon CIEMs below 500 USD you could look at custom art, they make both acrylic and silicon monitors that have been gotten pretty good reviews. with impressions, shipping and the conversion i think the FIBAE 1 would be about 500.
  9. davidcotton
    Or if you don't want to look abroad and fancy silicone you could get a pair of sensaphonic customs sleeves done for your existing 215's. You would probably have to get new impressions done for them though.

  10. Dn2292
    I apologize, please someone explain, I don’t understand why would silicone need looking after? My ear plugs lasted me years of daily use and I never did anything to them. Are they not the same concept? The only reason my plugs are being replaced is because one ripped at the handle, they twist when inserted/removed so done several times a day fatigue is unavoidable.
  11. pbui44
    Well, if you wear them frequently and often enough, ear wax starts to build up on the ear tips, so they would need some antibacterial foam soap and hot water once in a while. Is that what you mean?
  12. Dn2292
    I guess, ya that makes sense, i’ve cleaned my 215’s before and i’ve Worn them maybe 1% compared to my ear plugs but they hollow so... ya ok.

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