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High-Res Headphone Pictures

  1. jodokast
  2. jodokast
  3. Audio-Me
  4. cajunchrist
    Man, that Orpheus is just plain sexy...
  5. eric343 Contributor
    That's not your Orpheus, right? [​IMG]

    It's a really good picture of the Big O; the shot on the Sennheiser webpage is kinda faded... I've got an improved version hanging around here somewhere...

    edit: Here it is (3014x1777 pixels, so beware) http://hal9000.drsue.net/images/orpheus-better.jpg
  6. eric343 Contributor
  7. jodokast
    thanks for the pic man - i was looking for an higher res of that one. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Damn - don't all these cans just look sexy?
  8. Raymond Kim
    I don't know if you guys caught this in the Gear for Sale/Trade forum but I have a few shots of my Grado RS-1...





    The original images are twice as big. [​IMG]
  9. Audio-Me
    Just curious: why do you want these huge pics? You plan on printing them? Lol.
  10. jodokast
    Nah, I enjoy making them my wallpaper and such. [​IMG]
  11. Audio-Me
    Lofl, headphone wallpapers. Talk about can-fever.[​IMG]
  12. mc whak
    Actually, I like the RS-1 pictures. I didn't realize that the wood had so much grain. Makes me appreciate them more.
  13. Mumrik
  14. mydetour
    Erzetich Mania [​IMG]
  15. mydetour
    I like this one to [​IMG]

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