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High Quality Switchcraft 1/4" Jacks with Switching for Pre-Outs

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  1. Steve Eddy
    For Sale
    High quality/reliability Switchcraft 24B right angle open frame jacks (4 total).
    Jacks have switch arrangement XII which allows for implementing switching preamp outputs. Headphone output goes directly to ring and tip leafs. Preamp outs are taken from corresponding switch leafs. Switch contacts are normally closed and output goes to the preamp outs. When you insert a headphone plug, the contact is broken thus muting the preamp outputs.
    Switch contacts (best seen on jack in upper left in the photo) are made of fine silver resistance welded to their corresponding leafs.
    Jack schematic:
    Very high quality and reliability.
    Purchased these from Online Components for evaluation and decided to use the straight long frame jacks instead to save on panel space.
    $5.00 each. $5.00 for Priority Mail shipping.
    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
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