High-Quality Stax Headphone Adapter

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  1. spritzer
    What I heard is that some of the Tango staff were involved in the design.  Who knows whether it is true or not but it came from a friend who is obsessed with transformer quality... 
  2. gilency Contributor
    I have one of Spritzer boards, but it is empty . Do you have a BOM for the actual parts that go on the board?
  3. nattonrice
    Are not the component values printed on the board?
  4. gilency Contributor
    Yes they are.Just not sure which ones are left unpopulated. I guess I better check the schematics.
  5. spritzer
    I never make BOM's for anything but what parts to leave out depends on what version of the board you have and how you want to use it.  The 1.3 version added 10mA led driver which you can leave out if you are using the neon bulb.  It's the cap, bridge and 2k2 resistor.  If you aren't using the neon bulb either then the 150K resistor can be left out as well.  If you are just going to use the Pro output then all the VD spots can be left empty and one of the 10nf/630V caps isn't needed 
    As for the parts, all the caps were Wima MKS4 and all resistors were 1/2W or small 1W units.  Voltage rating is the main criteria here.  100V zeners are 1W or bigger and the main diodes are 1N4007.  Remember to jumper the fuse connector if you aren't going to use it.  
  6. kuribo
    Are these boards still available?
  7. spritzer
  8. zzhetanay
    great work
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