High Quality MMCX and 2-Pin connectors needed

  1. chaturanga
    I need high quality MMCX and 2-Pin male and female connector / plug pairs to make own IEM and it's cable. Can someone share few links please? Especially I am not able to find high quality female sides for IEM side. Thanks.
  2. syke
    Pentaconn. They have quality male and female MMCX
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  3. chaturanga
    Thanks I have checked but, it seems they have only Sony 4.4mm connectors. Do they have 3.5mm normal and 2.5mm balanced connectors, too?
  4. syke
  5. chaturanga
    Sorry but I could not find anything other than the 4.4mm from Pentaconn. Even there was no mention for a 3.5mm or 2.5mm plug from Pentaconn.

    Do you have any link?
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  6. syke
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  7. chaturanga

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