high-pitched whine noise p.c.-analog-out-headphones ?!!
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May 2, 2009
When I connect my p.c.'s soundcard audio out (analog-1/8" output) to my headphone amp/DAC's line-level input connection, I'm hearing a real high pitched whine/noise (I can pretty much hear it in the p.c. speakers too...)
It's real noticeable and annoying and ear-fatiguing ...)
Why would I listen to the analog-out from my soundcard you may ask ?
Because I like to compare the SQ and higher - bit out put of my soundcard compared to the 16 bit limitation of the headphone amp/DAC SQ ...
It's a less clear although wider-soundstage having SQ ... and I can listen to Pandora and AOL radio and stuff on youtube this way .. I cannot get those to play through the DAC/digital out of the p.c. for whatever reason ...

This is a year old H.P. p.c. that we're talking about ... the soundcard's interface indicates that it does 24/192 but maybe there is noise leaking in from the rest of the computer's internal guts eh ?This is one of the integrated ones ...

Would replacing the soundcard eliminate this noise ?

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Try muting the soundcards recording inputs. If this doesn't help try moving the card to another slot. Upgrade your soudncards drivers also.
It is hard to understand if this is a onboard or a add in card...

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