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High Fidelity Cables - Power Cables --> 3 Types : Reveal, CT-2, URH

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  1. onlychild
    For Sale
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    Up for Sale are my Hight Fidelity Cables Power Cables. Each cable is 1.5M in length and 15amps.

    3 Tiers Available (price includes shipping to USA and domestic PayPal fees):

    1. Reveal 1.5M (Retail $1524) - SOLD http://www.highfidelitycables.com/power/reveal/

    2. CT-2 1.5M (Retail $2950) - SOLDhttp://www.highfidelitycables.com/power/ct-2/

    3. Ultimate Reference Helix (Retail $13,775) - SOLD http://www.highfidelitycables.com/power/ultimate-reference-helix/

    All cables are in perfect working condition and cosmetic condition. The Ultimate Reference Helix is an incredible deal. I have upgraded to their Professional Series so I no longer have a use for these. Freeing up cash for the next upgrade. The Ultimate Reference Helix comes with a Pelican Carrying Case.

    Audiobacon.net is a huge fan of the High Fidelity Cables Power Cables.

    The Reveal review is here: https://audiobacon.net/2019/08/17/27-audiophile-power-cables-reviewed/13/

    The CT-1 Ultimate (which is two steps below the Ultimate Reference Helix I am selling) is reviewed here: https://audiobacon.net/2019/08/17/27-audiophile-power-cables-reviewed/27/

    As always, please check my feedback and buy with confidence.

    Price includes shipping to USA and domestic PayPal fees. Local Chicago Pickup preferred.

    IMG_4228.jpeg IMG_4229.jpeg IMG_4230.jpeg IMG_4231.jpeg IMG_4232.jpeg IMG_4233.jpeg IMG_4234.jpeg IMG_4235.jpeg IMG_4236.jpeg IMG_4237.jpeg IMG_4238.jpeg IMG_4239.jpeg IMG_4240.jpeg
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  2. CorvetteGarage
    Excellent pricing, never seen so low...
  3. hamanobancho338
    Good Cable.
    Good Price.
    MITMAN likes this.
    That's special price.
    The cable box is great !
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