High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

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  1. zig3n
    Hi ALL...

    Is there any recommendation for the 2.5mm Balanced Cable that are not changing the sound signature of InEar Prophile 8?

    I have the Effect Audio Thor Silver II, but it makes the soundstage a tad smaller, a tad more mid-bass & lower treble, less airy... more intimate sound...
    Also I have the ALO Ref-8, but it makes less bass, less vocal body, brighter high, and about the same soundstage... more clinical sound...

    My DAP is Opus #2 and PP8 is already sounds great with the standard 3.5mm cable, but I looking for 2.5mm balanced cable without changing too much the sound signature.

    Thank you very much...
  2. tim0chan
    Eros 2
  3. zig3n
    Thank you so much for your input... I'm also thinking about EROS II... and I've asked Effect Audio, according to them, the best cable with PP8 is Leonidas... any experience between EROS II -vs- Leonidas? sound differences... Price is double tho... thank you...
  4. tim0chan
    Mostly the money XD, not too sure abt the minor differences but for the price the eros 2 is very good
  5. zig3n
    Yeah... I think I'll try with EROS II since it's a lot cheaper than Leonidas... Thank you... Cheers
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  6. haiku
    3 IC Cable Titans
    From above to below
    Brise Audio Murakumo6 3.5 to 3.5
    Brimar Audio Labs OmniKing 3.5 to 3.5
    Brimar Audio Labs Supreme Reference Monarch (The Grand Master) Total True Balance Out (3.5 + 2.5) to 2.5

  7. kubig123
    how flexible is the Murakumo6?
  8. haiku
    It´s quite stiff, but usable with a heavy Dap and Amp like my SP1000Cu and ALO CDM Tube Amp. And the sound is soooo sublime..... :smirk:
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  9. Barra
    Null Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting December 2017

    Yes, another tour. I am still toying with cables and my CIEMs. If anyone else is interested, these guys have very nice prices for the quality that they are putting out and right now are the only ones I know of that are doing CRYO. We have a full range of their cables in this tour, check it out.

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  10. tim0chan
    Afaik, rhapsodio also does it too
  11. Deezel177
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  12. kubig123
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  13. Barra
    Having just kicked off two US HeadFi tours for upgrade IEM cables, I have had an opportunity to compare some very nice cables in different configurations - copper, silver, cryoed, 8 cable, thick, thin, ergonomic. These had been tested on a Hidition NT6pro, A18, Aether, 8.2 which all produced varying results. From the experience, I have developed a number of theories that need further testing going forward which I would love some feedback on your experience.

    Theories up for Discussion:
    • Pairing: I feel that there is an optimal ohm/resistance variable in pairing varying CIEMs that needs to be taken into account to gain optimal results. Cables that sounded great on one CIEM may sound like crap on another. This resistance conversation mainly is about soundstage and getting placement correct. For example, as great as the Aether sounds, the stock cable felt like the placement was three sections back. With the proper cable, the instruments/singers sounded full sized and like you are on stage detail wise. Others like my A18, while sounding like its placement is onstage, the right cable made the singers/instruments bigger, more full sized like with a full sized HP and more natural overall.
    • 8 Wire: The 8 wire options were the real elephant in the room for me. In all cases here, this configuration felt like it unleashed the beast in the CIEMs providing the biggest, most natural sound. Going back and forth between the 8 wire and the smaller configurations made the smaller configurations feel like I was listening through a straw. The 8 wire made them feel like I was listening to a full sized HP. I am now of the opinion that the smaller wire size is the largest detriment to the performance of a CIEM. Makes me wonder what a 16 cable version would do - is there more to give or is the 8 wire full throttle in CIEM performance. It also make me wonder what more there is to give for full sized HP cables. What is your experience?
    • Cryo: Not sure why cryo makes a difference, but I am surrounded by believers so I have had ample chance to hear cryoed gear from power cords to tubes to cables. The more I hear, the more of a believer I have become. Cryo commonalities I have found is this:
      • Details: The details seem to be pushed forward and pop more than non-cryoed cables. This is not in a bright way, but more in a clean up the signal sort of way.
      • Transparency: The signal just feels a little cleaner and wider with space between.
      • Dynamics Pop: The plucks feel bigger and clearer.
    • Copper Signature: The copper signature rummer is warm and fat-bottomed. However, I am finding copper to be indistinguishable from silver in many cases being bright or shimmery. While the cheap copper seems to fit the typical warm description, the better copper cables are all over the place and cannot be grouped. Are you hearing this too?
    • Ergonomics: I am finding the cable economics discussion to be all wrong. The most comfortable cables to me were the 8 wire cables that everyone warns against for being on the road. These larger cables didn't tangle and layed the best on me for maximum comfort and ease of care. The smaller so-called ergonomic cables were always tangled and slapping me in the face as they do not stay put. Worse, the so-called ergonomic cables were constantly catching on things since they wouldn't stay in place and cause my CIEMs to get ripped out of my ears on occasion. Even the stiffest of the larger cables would lay flat better to provide better active lifestyle ergonomics. Even better, the larger cables felt like they would last a lifetime with proper care where the smaller cables felt ......... temporary. What is your experience?
    So what do you guys think?
  14. Bina
    That my 8 wire Null Audio Vitesse copper is so heavy, that it starts to hurt my ears if I use it without it lying on table.... Pretty answers the comfort x sound question to me.
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  15. rantng
    Then listen to music while laying back in a nice big chair. You get comfort plus the great sound from the pairing of great cables & IEM. Comfort & Sound. :wink:
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