High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

  1. kubig123
    I definitely don't like any silver plated copper cable, but some cables of gold plated silver sound are able to add something to the SQ.
    I would love to try the Horus, I have only the TWau and it's a really nice match to the SE5U (second to the PWaudio 1960).
  2. jscmd2000
    Basic question... is the gold plating on silver to reduce the skin effect? To modulate, at least? Does reducing the skin effect increase the overall conductivity?
  3. Wyville
    Here is a quote from a Q&A that Eric (@EffectAudio) recently did with Headfonia:

    "Indeed, we do employ gold plating in some of our offerings and while it’s true that scientifically/theoretically speaking, conductivity is reduced; There is a certain sound characteristics and resolution that is brought into the chain when employing gold plating in varying amounts. Gold Plated Silver usually offers a warm tinge without sacrificing the resolution and often these gold plating has tremendous effects on the sound scape, imaging and transparency. I personally find that Gold brought in a certain dynamics and viscosity to the sound character that isn’t substitutable by any other materials we have available. I wish I could explain this in a more scientific way but I simply couldn’t; As the old audiophile saying goes: “Hearing is believing”."
    - Headfonia link

    The rest of the Q&A is well worth reading if you are interested in how modern cables are developed.
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  4. jscmd2000
    Fascinating... thank you for that. I will check it out!
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  5. meomap
    Yes, dhc sp3 8 braided Silver is one of the best cable for its money.
    Damn, waiting for DHC to respond is PITA.
    I need my comp4 IC done and send out cables to fix or reterminate.
  6. Omega139
    Hmm..i'm still trying to figure out the best cable to purchase. I'm looking in the 700-1000 price range.

    I'm comparing the cables in page 1 of this post listed under "700-1000", as well as a Whiplash audio silver gold plated.

    I currently have a K10 and an Andromeda, but i'm looking to buy something different in the near future. I'm still deciding between a 64 Audio U18t, Vision ears VE8, or an Empire Zeus XIV.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for a good cable in my price range it will be very much appreciated.
  7. Whazzzup
    Dhc symbiot elite 19 is 1400$ My first choice
    Dhc symbiot sp v3 8 braid is 800$ my second choice
    Long wait time
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  8. meomap
    Yes, I have sp v3 8 braid cable.
    Very good.
  9. Omega139
    Hmm.. I actually think I should first figure out what new IEM i'm going to get before I decide on the best cable.
  10. Whazzzup
    Can only help with cable I use dhc into encore
  11. tim0chan
    Lionheart pairs well with both the a18 and the ve8 and possibly with the zeus. Simple choice .
    Or if u want more specific pairings ...
    I think (not know) plussound t-metal should work well with the ve8,
    A favourite with the zeus is the 2or 4 wire 1960s 2is darker4 is brighter
    And possibly hansound redcore for the a18 (music sanctuary exclusive)
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  12. Omega139
    Thank you very much my friend. I'm going to have to first decide what IEM I am buying before I look for a cable, but the help is very much appreciated.
  13. Zuon
    Sorry for bringing this question into this thread, but I cannot yet make new topics in the forum. I recently upgrading from Sennheiser HD 558s to HD 600s. The stock cable of the 600s, to me, sounds more muffled than the 558's stock cable, and with a smaller soundstage too. I've been looking for an upgrade, and people on this forum seem to recommend Moon Audio Silver Dragon and Blue Dragon cables, but these are way too expensive. Does anyone know of any good cables for these headphones that won't break the bank? I have a Schiitt Fulla 2 Dac/Amp, in case that matters. And by not breaking the bank, I mean under $200, hopefully under $100, if possible.
  14. Deezel177
    Try checking out SG Audio Hive (https://sgaudiohive.com/). They're based in Singapore and they make excellent cables for the money. They've reterminated some cables I own and I can safely say their workmanship is up there with some of the best. I'm sure they can help you with cable recommendations as well.
  15. zig3n
    Hi ALL...

    Is there any recommendation for the 2.5mm Balanced Cable that are not changing the sound signature of InEar Prophile 8?

    I have the Effect Audio Thor Silver II, but it makes the soundstage a tad smaller, a tad more mid-bass & lower treble, less airy... more intimate sound...
    Also I have the ALO Ref-8, but it makes less bass, less vocal body, brighter high, and about the same soundstage... more clinical sound...

    My DAP is Opus #2 and PP8 is already sounds great with the standard 3.5mm cable, but I looking for 2.5mm balanced cable without changing too much the sound signature.

    Thank you very much...

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