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High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

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  1. Barra
    Announcement - Beat Audio US Premium IEM Upgrade Cable Tour
    Given all the talk about cables in this thread, I thought I would mention a new US cable tour that will allow you to try them for yourself. Having hosted a number of TOTL CIEM tours, the topic always comes up so it only made sense to do a cable series. Beat Audio graciously provided us with the first tour kit which I am very excited to hear. Those that are interested can sign up here:

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  2. icebeam030
    Anyone has tried the new generation of Astell&Kern crystal cable Cantabile?
    I'm curious about its combination with 64 audio A18.
  3. twister6 Contributor
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  4. chaiyuta
    @twister6 : Thanks for review and show-off where Ferrite guard is.
  5. twister6 Contributor
    You are welcome!

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  6. chaiyuta
    @twister6 : You made my day. From now on I can sleep tight better than ever. :ksc75smile:
  7. kubig123
    This is extremely interesting , you can really appreciate the time and knowhow effect audio put in their cables from these details.

    I always add a ferrite to any of my usb cable when I used them connected to a dac.
    But this solution is hundred times more elegant!

  8. haiku
    Ultimate cable upgrade for my CA Vegas: Brimar Audio Kaiser Cable with breakthrough technology. 16 Braids. 7N Super OCC Silver + 24Kart Gold Alloy with Gold Filling, 7N Super OCC Silver and 7N Super OCC Copper in each single wire.
  9. haiku
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  10. Imusicman
    How does it sound?
  11. haiku
    Very rich, but with a perfect tonal balance. I also have the Supreme Reference Monarch (The Grand Master) for my Layla II, but it sounds extremely rich, and then some. Just like a luxurious perfume. The Kaiser Cable is better for every day listening.
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  12. chaiyuta
    @haiku : I ever auditioned Kaiser. It's a great one. good tonality It is not bright likes The Prince, though I like how unique sound of The prince. By the way, from picture I can count only 8-wire not 16-wire..
  13. haiku
    And you´re absolutely right! Thanks for the comment, I never really cared about it, but trusted Mr. Yu. Seems he was wrong. Well, **** happens, but from what I remember, Mr. Yu said, that for 16 braid (the Omni King IC I´ll soon get) there are no balanced 2.5mm plugs available. So he can only use 3.5mm plugs. But I wanted balanced plugs for my iems, so 8 braid might just be the maximum size. Anyway, the sound is outta this world! Totally unreal!

    PS: I just got confirmation from Mr. Yu that what I´ve written above is right. IEM balanced cable (with 2.5mm plug) maximum size is 8 braid.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  14. kubig123
    I'll never get tired to listen to this setup!
    The PWaudio 1960 is an incredible cooper cable, transparent, full of details like no other cables of the same material has (at list that I experienced), it pairs perfectly with the Encore.

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  15. Kozato
    Heyyyy you reterminated it? I remembered your order was for a 4.4mm TRRRS cable.
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