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High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

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  1. Kitechaser
    I think it has to do with the jacket on the cables. The shielding prevents electron hopping between individual strands of copper, and prevents noise and interference. On full size speakers to my ears solid copper wires sound the best, can't have solid wires on an iem, they need to be flexible, so you need really good shielding, even between individual strands.
    Should these cables be as expensive as they are? No. But they do make a substantial difference when it comes to sound.
    Cardas wires has a PVC resin like coating on their cables, and I believe that is what PW Audio is using. Every single strand of OCC Copper is shielded
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  2. SeeSax
    I can't really speak to what makes the 1950s cable $3,000 SGD, but I can say that it's a damn good cable. @Kitechaser is probably on the right track with the shielding and general characteristics of the top of the line OCC copper wire.

    I heard the 1950 on the PW Audio tour and was pretty blown away by it. I now own a cable made by a very talented cable builder in the States that uses the same Cardas copper wire (and same awesome gray insulation, but upgraded Eidolic titanium accouterments) and it lives up to the hype. It's a cable of contradictions: highly detailed and analytical but not harsh, musical but not lacking precision and it's comfortable as all hell to boot. I don't know that I'd pay the $2,500 USD going rate for the 1950s (I wouldn't pay that for any cable), but I can say it's one of (if not the best) cable I've ever heard and I have had some pretty decent stuff in my arsenal :)

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  3. freesole
    Interesting. How does your custom cable sound compared to the 1950s if you can recall? Would love to try a custom cable one of these days with my Flamencos.
  4. SeeSax
    Unfortunately I did not have the two cables at the same time, so my "going by memory" opinion is somewhat useless. That said, the new custom cable is everything I would hope for in a cable. The 4-wire form-factor is super ergonomic, the bass is extremely tight, precise and yet still impactful, the mids are detailed and clear without any kind of injected warmth and the treble is sparkly without any sibilance. I had sort of figured that only silver or silver/gold cables could achieve this, but the hype with the 1950s-type cable is real.

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  5. aaf evo
    I am so glad more people are getting to experience the 1950s. I bought mine in November and reluctantly sold it a few months ago and just had to get it back so I repurchased one. This one is staying for good, with its new partner in crime the 1960s 4 wire :p
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  6. SeeSax
    Ha! Yes, you are at least a partial influence on my obsession with 1950s and now I have to PM you about 1960 4-wire lol

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  7. aaf evo
    Feel free !
  8. Doctortre2481
    what made you sell it ?
  9. aaf evo
    Needed funds.
  10. proedros
    3Κ is a tad too much money for only this quality imo

    if they sound sh.it with the stock cable , chances are you probably bought something that will always feel like a bad buy to you

    oh and welcome to head-fi , don't (always) believe the hype , sorry for wallet
  11. proedros
    since there are people here with money to burn , companies will put out 3K cables

    capitalism, baby
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  12. Number9redreD
    Thats what confuses me about 64 audio. I just don't know how they can think it’s acceptable to give customers, who are paying crazy amounts for their products, cables like this. The very least they should've done was go the route Empire Ears went and collab with a respected manufacturer. Hell, even many companies from the chi-fi market are providing cables that look more expensive than the iems themselves.
  13. proedros
    one other sacred rule here (at least for us without huge wallets) is do a lot of reading , bypass the hype and wait for good deals either via the official vendors or by buying from the FS threads

    also , my Zeus XR sounds great with a normal 300$ cable , i mean if i need a 3K cable to make my 2K ciem sound good , them i am probably a fool

    good luck with this hobby , and hoping your next buys seem like a better buy to you

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  14. Number9redreD
    Oh, don't get me wrong, im actually starting to cozy up to the Fourtés. With pristinely recorded music, they seriously sing. They’re just missing something. Maybe the U18t’s will fill that hole:gs1000smile:
  15. singleended5863
    Hello newbie here.
    Have you tried the Satin Audio cables from Vietnam yet? How is the sound? Thanks
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