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High End Headphone Extravaganza Sale

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by immtbiker, Oct 21, 2011.
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  1. immtbiker Moderator
    For Sale
    Hello, thanks for looking. 
    I have the following higher end headphones for sale.
    -Sennheiser HD-800 Balanced Headphones with balanced to single ended adapter. They are balanced with an Audio Minor
    4-Pin XLR cable and a 4-Pin XLR single ended adapter. $1000.00. Original Box and papers. Smoke free household. Mint. SOLD
    -Denon ADH-7000 Headphones Balanced with dual 3-pin Neutrik connectors with Dual 3-pin Neutrik single ended adapter.
    These headphones are truly special because they are wired inside and out with Siltech wiring inside and out. Bought these
    from Yikes, who at the time was a salesman for Siltech (some of the finest, most expensive wire available). The wire alone cost
    towards of $1000.00. Due to hard times, willing to let go for $1000.00. Original box and papers from smoke free household. Satisfaction
    -I also have a pair oh Stax Omega I's electrostats from the early '90's, not to be confused with the Omega II's Mark I. These are a collector item which sound great. I bought them from "el doug" with an extra Stax cable for an insane amount of money. I am willing to let them go for $2500 (I paid more) with the spare brand new cable. If you know about these, nothing more needs to be said. These are from 1995 and originally sold for $3750. SOLD
    Also FS:
    -Sennheiser HD800 rewired with Audio Minor 4-pin XLR Balanced. Includes4-pin XLR single ended adapter -$1000 SOLD
    -Denon ADH-7000 (Flagship) rewired inside and out with Siltech wire ($1000 worth of wire) balanced dual 3-pin Neutrik with Dual 3-pin Siltech single ended adapter (more controlled deeper bass) -$1000
    -Beyer Dynamic T-1 (Flagship) MSRP $1300  -$1000
    -Beyer Dynamic T50P portable headphones -$200
    -Audio Techica ESW-9's Portable headphones MSRP $300 - $200
    -Bowers and Wilkins P-5 -$200
    You are buying from a Head-Fi Administrator, so there are no concerns about validity or worrying about an honest sale.
    Get 'em while available.
    I also have a pair of Beyer Dynamics T-1's, original pair from CES 2009 for $1000, but it will take some coercing for me to let them go.
    -Also, if anyone is interested I have a HEV-70 amp in great shape, hardly used for $200, for the HE-60 headphones. SOLD
  2. Uncle Erik Contributor
    No comments, please. Keep it to questions and interest in purchasing.

    Best wishes on the sale, Immtbiker.

    (I'll vouch for his honesty, too. :))
  3. OneSec
    PM sent on HD800
  4. Dom de B
    HE-500 interested.
    Does it come with all of the standard bits?
    And is it $500 posted?
    Thanks in advance, Dom
  5. lincm
    PM you on D7000.
    Interested in it and I like to know what is the difference with normal D7000.
  6. citrus
    PM sent on the Audio Techica ESW-9.
  7. OneSec
    I would suggest you serious consider immtbiker's offer. Polite, fast response, good value, and shipped on next day. Would had grab more from him if I have the money. Will update on the impression once I receive the HD800.
    Now I have to make up a reason to explain to wify...
    Bump! Thanks.
  8. immtbiker Moderator


    YGPM. Never got your message. I answered your questions.
  9. immtbiker Moderator


    Your quite welcome. I hope that Malaysian customs don't hold onto them too long. Enjoy your new toy.
  10. jonguyen
    hi there, 
    sent your a PM re: the p5 
  11. immtbiker Moderator
    Bumpsters. Good headphones, good prices.
  12. Krnnamedjason
    PM Sent for P5[​IMG]
  13. OneSec
    My HD800 arrived yesterday! Did the unpacking, but yet to plug it to my rig. A bit too busy.
    Item arrived as described yesterday, did some cleaning up. There were some cosmetic wears, but overall everything is in good shape, even the labels are still well intact. Minor issue on slightly lose grip on the right cup - I try to reenforce the grip so that it will hold on to the length for my head size. It improved, but I will come back more on the result after I have some long listening sessions later. 
    And the aftermarket cable - it's absolutely beutiful and stunning.The purchase is well worthy (after I confirm later the headphone is fully functioning tonight LOL).
  14. OneSec
    Everything is working as it should be. Eargasm!
    PastoraleMasterClass002.jpg PastoraleMasterClass006.jpg
    Also the headphone grip is fine - I cant put it off once I put it on!! Its over 2 hours now...
  15. JSitthi
    Think I sent you a PM a while ago, no response yet! Let me know :)
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