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High End Closed Back Neutral Sounding Headphones

  1. atahanuz

    It must be closed, for portable use.

    Sound signature must be neutral, this is important because I listen to Classical and it must sound pure. Many headphones in the market are bass heavy (warm) and I definetly don't want a one.

    Price: 500-1500 usd, so I am ready to spend serious amounts of money.

    Other factors doesn't matter, I don't care if the headphone's built material is diamond or plastic. I just want the best sound.

    Thanks for your suggestions
  2. ohsigmachi
    ATH MSR7 no need to shell out crazy cash.
    gazzington likes this.
  3. Monsterzero
    Mr.Speakers Aeon Flow Closed is perfect for what youre looking for.
  4. adidas128
    I think for that price the best is ZMF Eikon.
  5. gazzington
    These are very decent for the price

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