HiFiMan Susvara

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ostewart, Jun 18, 2017.
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  1. mulder01
    Never accused you of being a troll, nor did I say your experience didn't count. I also have no doubt you're telling the truth. I am keen to hear the susvara which is why I haven't unsubscribed from this thread. All I was saying is, if you have followed this thread and other hifiman threads in the past, a recurring trend is that people have not been satisfied with the customer service. It's good to hear that you have, but go back through this thread and HEK threads and you'll see what I mean. Just an observation. Trying to offer a reason why you might be challenged on your claims by other members. Don't take it personally.
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  2. reeltime
    I accept others have had bad experiences. But it's not my experience, that's all I can go by. It doesn't make the HE1000 V1, V2 or Susvara bad headphones.
    They all sound great and were widely reviewed as the best in class when they came out. Jude, TAS, and Stereophile all wrote fairly glowing reviews, despite some user complaints. But to each his own.
    If we're not to believe reviews-- that's being obstinate. Part of the fun of this hobby is comparing thoughts and sharing experiences.
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  3. antimatter
    Its actually human nature to focus on the negative. I try to stay positive but when I spend $3k of my hard earned money and get treated like a beta tester and watch the same thing happen to my friends it is tough.
  4. Dobrescu George
    I also had only glowing bright experiences with HIFIMAN, and I think that headphones should be bought for listening rather than resale.

    Humans will always voice their opinions FAR more if they are unhappy rather than if they are happy.


    Altho I haven't called you a troll, but something like this:

    From the Amazon Page:

    this is a awesome headphone. sound come from these are faster than speed of light. You can listen whole 30 minutes music album in just 5-6 seconds.
    So buy it, if value of time is higher then value of money for you.....

    hese headphones are really good .I bought this by selling my house and now everyday when I wake up I see these headphones and smile and I eat these headphones to .The have inbilt music player and singers come out and sing in front of me .

    Awesome product.
    I ordered this product, when it was delivered I see the delivery box was too big for a tiny head phone, so in very curiosity I opened the box and I was shocked to see Sonu Nigam and Arjeet singh inside the box. Now I carry Sonu and Arjeet with me whenever I travel , they sings for me in roadways bus or trains and this gives me actual feeling of live music. Thanks to Hifiman Susvara headphone. Really awesome product in just 899999 rs

    Now, you personally seem to just rely your honest experience, but those revies above are trollings for clear.

    Even so, HE-1 is getting similar trollings for being expensive. I think this is unavoidable after a price point .

    Still, I agree, it is wasting energy to follow a thread of a product you don't like. This is why I only follow the treads of products I like or enjoy!

    If you have difficulty spending those 3K$ on those headphones, maybe spending 3K on headphones wasn't the best decision to start with. I bought ie800 by not eating much for 3 months while I was a student, but now that I think about it, it maybe was a large stretch. Of course, at that time I wanted to innovate audio software, so I had more reasons, but just for your personal enjoyment, maybe, just maybe, you should spend only what you can afford comfortably.
  5. antimatter
    No its for sure HFM shouldn't have treated their customers like beta testers whether it's $3k or 3 bucks. No maybe about it. The 3 zero's after the $3 is just salt in the wound so to say.

    I also feel that spending big money on audio is one of the more intelligent thing you can do if you like to excite your senses and if you have the means. Maybe a drag bike or boat if you have the balls. I have heard that is better than sex but then again you can also spend big money to turn yourself into a 200 mph projectile. I have never gotten goosebumps or had an emotional connection with TV or video games the way I do with music and the human ear is much more sensitive than the human eye on average. That is my justification and I fell it is more than plenty.
  6. bfreedma

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but did HFM give you the upgrade on the condition that you write a review and promote the HE-1000 with pictures?
  7. Dobrescu George

    You need to try video games and movies at 43" , madVR, and some proper color calibration and a high-end PC

    As for the beta test thing, I really don't think they treated anyone like beta testers, they merely produced something, then released an upgrade. We'd be stuck in the stone age if companies wouldn't update / upgrade their products
  8. reeltime
    I can't remember if pictures were a part of the deal. Maybe not. They asked for a review and we had the option to keep our V1 or V2, whichever we preferred. Woo also gave me a generous upgrade offer from the WA5LE V1 to V2.
    I wasn't upset when Hifiman released the V2. My V1 wasn't an investment, it was a headphone-- and a good one. Just because there's a newer (presumably better) model, it doesn't make what I own worse.
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  9. Dobrescu George
    Just because there's a newer (presumably better) model, it doesn't make what I own worse

    A LOT of people forget this when talking audio gear. and this leads to a lot of the anger on our threads...
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  10. Hifiearspeakers
    What? I couldn’t disagree more. It’s the closest to an HD800 I’ve heard to date and I own both.
  11. antimatter
    Well it's well documented and your wrong and would rather make excuses than do a bit of research.
  12. antimatter
    Says the guy who got a free upgrade. You have zero room to talk.
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  13. bfreedma
    Yes. In fact, HFM themselves called it a beta test.

    Despite HFM called it a beta program though it really wasn’t. They required payment to be a beta tester, something I’ve never been asked to do as a real beta tester
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  14. Hifiearspeakers
    No one put a gun to your head and made you buy the headphone in it’s V1 form. If you felt it was built subpar, or sounded subpar, or wasn’t worth the cost, then you shouldn’t have bought it.
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  15. antimatter
    How else am I supposed to find out if it is subpar or wasn't worth the cost? Meets? Not many happen where I live. Excuses excuses.

    I originally liked the HE1k. Very seductive sound. After going back to the hd800 there was no comparing the build quality and comfort.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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