HiFiMan Susvara

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ostewart, Jun 18, 2017.
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  1. rgs9200m
    The new review referenced above seems to say that the Susvara needs similar amplification as the HE6 (which I thought needed a speaker amp).
    I had the HE6 and even my Apex Pinnacle (or RSA B52 I was using at the time) couldn't drive it properly.
    I'm not sure I understand the Susvara's needs. Is it like the HE6 in this regard or not?

    On another note (ha-ha), I wonder if Hifiman will down the line offer a generous trade-up from the HEKv2 for the Susvara... (Like the HEKv1 to HEKv2 program.)
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  2. AnakChan Moderator
    I've never had the HE-6 but I do have the Susvara from Hifiman for a review I wrote. I drive it with my McIntosh MC275 VI speaker amp via the HE-adapter.

    I have a ZDSE but that doesn't have enough to drive the Susvara properly.
  3. Matez
    That's highly unlikely I think. Susvara doesn't compete with HEKv1/v2 but is higher in the chain, at least that's the way I see it. And having said this, when such a program would occur, HiFiMAN would probably damage their business on some level. But maybe I'm wrong.
  4. JeffMann
    You can contact them personally. They offered me $2500 for a HE1000V2, or $1850 for a HE1000v1, as a trade-up for the Susvara, and I accepted the offer.

  5. Matez
    Now that's something to work with for sure. I had no idea they provide such service.
  6. reeltime
    Hifiman is incredible. I was among the first pre-orders of the HE-1000 v1. They gave me a free upgrade from an HE1000 v1 to HE1000 v2 in exchange for my thoughts on the new headphone and a few photos.

    I've received personal replies to posts I've made here and elsewhere. Woo Audio and VPI are other companies that have done the same and offered me upgrade paths.

    I have a lot of loyalty to manufacturers that want to get to know me and acknowledge we're spending a decent amount of money on their products. I'm sure there are others who have had great relationships from manufacturers, but Hifiman is a standout.
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  7. marhol
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  8. jlbrach
    I do not take amazon reviews seriously...especially when they are uniformly this over the top.....we have seen issues of people gaming the review process
  9. Dobrescu George
    Half of them are trolling though...

    At any rate, Susvara is still going to be one of the best headphones there are, whether it is the exact taste one wants or not, just like LCD-4, they will be awesome for anybody who hears them. I think that after a price point, everything tends to get so awesome that one can only be happy with what they have :darthsmile:
  10. rgs9200m
    Thanks for that info. Good to hear. Now if I only didn't need a speaker amp for them...
  11. antimatter
    They are far from incredible and you should have kept that info to yourself. 99% of us original V1 adopters had the V2 come out right after the V1 and ended up losing all our V1 resale value. A good thousand dollars in some cases. They also treated the V1 buyers like beta testers and charged everyone else but you $700 to upgrade to V2.

    Beyond piss poor build quality for a $3k headphone as well. Even for $300 the build quality was bad. Mine kept feeling like they were going to fall apart at any second.
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  12. rgs9200m
    Never believe reviews.
  13. reeltime
    Why should I keep quiet? They've been a great company to me. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. The V1 still sounds terrific, even today. Most lauded it as the best headphone short of the Stax 009 at the time. Did you buy the headphone for resale or listening?

    I had no quality issues, though I heard a few who had issues with the cable connections. HifiMan fixed them under warranty. Too much negativity.
  14. mulder01
    I've had no dealings with HFM personally, but reeltime, your's is the first positive experience I've read about. (Besides JeffMann's upgrade offer a few posts earlier)

    Perhaps they've picked up their game, perhaps it's always just the least satisfied customers that make the most noise. But I don't blame anyone who's not entirely convinced by your dealings with them, as the numbers are stacked fairly heavily against them in this area.
  15. reeltime
    I've got 500 posts on this forum. If I'm an Amazon troll, then I sure went though a lot of money and wrote a lot of articles and posted photos at meets all so I could be a ringer for some company.
    I don't understand why people follow threads about gear and companies they apparently hate. So much wasted energy.
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